Hello sorry for not updating sooner but was waiting to see what geocities was going to do with my site been waiting all this time to see if it would disappear or not. Well I guess not its still here so I am going to try and do more with this page in the comming months. Now on with the show. Thank you for visiting my Webpage. Feel free to take what you want for your own homepage just transload it to your site. I currently have 3 gif pages up and running and 1 background page up. Check back often to see what is new. This page will take a minute to load so please be paitent and enjoy your stay.

Gifs and Backgrounds

Page 1 gifs Page 2 gifs
Page 3 gifs Page 4 to come
Backgrounds Page 1 Backgrounds 2 to come
More to come More to come
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Poem pages

How would you feel Great Friends
True Friends Be my valentine
Tomorrow Never Came more to come
More to come More to come

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