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      I have a few requests here: First of all, if you have any SotN art, music, WAVS, fanfics, tips, whatever, send it to me! I'll gladly put it on the page, just as long as you didn't steal it from somebody's personal page. Secondly, I will repeat myself from some past E-mails: This is a page for Symphony of the Night, not the Saturn version Nocturne in the Moonlight. I know very little about Maria's moves, and I know almost nothing about the two new areas or the new weapons in the game, so please don't ask me about them! Third, if any of you see any loose links, typos, or things that just don't look right on this page, let me know. Sometimes my proofreading isn't the best, so after a while I get a bit careless.
         I also have to say a little something here. First of all, please don't put player's tips in my guestbook, that's not what it's for. Also, if you have a player's tip, that's all fine and dandy. However, I won't put it up if it's either a) something I already covered or b) full of so many typos I can't understand it or c) just a few scant words. I want these player tips to be at least a paragraph long, so they're worth reading. I haven't gotten too many Player's Tips lately, and the ones I have gotten have been WRONG. So please make sure they're correct, or at least make sense!
         You can still go to my AOL webpage if you get bored here, which has some of my SotN fanart and my own odd creations on it, along with a lot of other......interesting things: Annie's Home Page. I decided to remove that dern banner because the cheeriness of my smiling shiny happy face really doesn't fit in with the rest of the decour.
     Also, I created a sorta interesting little's like a temporary showcase thing, and I update it weekly while in my one computing lab, instead of doing my lab work. It features a new picture and a background MIDI every week: "You Are Here". Take a peek, if you're bored.

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E-mail me at if you want to talk to me for any weird reason, or if you'd like me to answer questions on SotN, BUT DO NOT IM ME. If you want to send files, send them to

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