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Welcome to my Home Page! This is the first page I have ever created so it probably won't turn out to good. Anyways, this site is based on my favorite band,"Led Zeppelin." Led Zeppelin is one of the best bands ever. Members of the band include:
Robert Plant- Vocals
Jimmy Page- Guitar
John Bonham- Percussion
John Paul Jones- Bass, Organ
Led Zeppelin went from 1968-1980(12 years). They disbanded in 1980 because there drummer(John Bonham)died. They have recorded 9 albums, not including Boxed Sets and the movie/album "The Song Remains The Same." Their newest release "BBC Sessions is an amazing album. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page are getting together with Charlie Jones who will be playing bass and Michael Lee who will be playing the drums for a new album titled "Walking Into Clarksdale"! This album will be out in stores April 21st. This album will include some good guitar work by Page (including some impressive soloing). Plant's vocal style is in a lower-range than normal and it will be all new material. Also there is a North American Tour slated for May.

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant:"Walking Into Clarksdale"
Song Titles:
1:Shining In The Light
2:When The World Was Young
3:Upon A Golden Horse
4:Blue Train
5:Please Read The Letter
6:Most High
7:Heart In Your Hand
8:Walking Into Clarksdale
9:Burning Up
10:When I Was A Chils
11:House Of Love
12:Sons Of Freedom

"Led Zeppelin Albums": 1, 2, 3, 4, "Houses Of The Holy," "Physical Graffiti," "Presense," "In Through The Out Door" and "Coda"

Led Zeppelin Pics Led Zeppelin Lyrics
Led Zeppelin Sounds

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