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        When the first thought of making a webpage entered my mom's mind, she said she was going to make it about herself. At first I thought, "Why? No one will care what your life is like." Thats one of the main reasons my very first page was about my favorite music group, the Backstreet Boys, and the secondary reason the other three made after were about them also. I thought no one would care to see a page about myself or my life.
        But after seeing how successful her page has been, and seeing how many personal homepages there are like that on the web, I decided to do another webpage, my fifth one. Only this time it wasn't going to be about the Backstreet Boys or the only two other groups I like as much as the Boys (Five and 98º)...

But about me instead.

        And one thing that really helped the idea actually become reality was Melo's page, simply entitled Melissa's World. Everything on her page is things she's done or has had happen in her life, and she's got the courage to have them up on the web for millions of people to see. And seeing how successful all of her pages have been, that also helped the idea grow. I've copied some of her ideas for my own stuff, like the below, CD list and opinionated things (you'll see inside...), so I owe her a lot of thanks for that.

But this page is mine...all mine.

        And no matter what anyone says about it, even if they say is sucks completely, I don't care. I'll keep adding more and more on to it as often as I can. Of course there's gonna be some people who hate my page and never come back to it, but that doesn't matter. I do all this because I want to.

And nothing will change that!


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