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Please e-mail Smashed Gladys trivia, comments, suggestions, and stories about meeting the band to D'vo.

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Special Thanks: to Taberweb for some Smashed Gladys pictures, the 80's Metal Mailing List for the sound files, and to JD Malo of Smashed Gladys for the band bio.


I got it for free at

Smashed Gladys covered the Marc Bolan song "Metal Guru" on the band's self-titled album. Here is a list of artists who also chose to cover this song:

1. DTS (1982, UK) -- part of a sort of Stars on 45 medley of T. Rex Hits

2. Flo & Eddie (Rhino Records - RNTA - 1998) 1988, US from the LP set "The History of Flo & Eddie"

3. Formosa (Awesome Records - AOR - 14) 1988, UK 7inch and 12inch (the latter has two different versions)

4. Top of the Poppers (Hallmark Records - SHM 819) 1973, UK from the LP "The Top Of The Poppers Sing and Play T. Rex's Greatest Hits"

5. Three Humans (Old School Records OSR 10318, 1995, US) On the tribute compilation CD Resurrection of the Warlock

6. Willie Logan (Hallmark Records 305492, 1996, UK) instrumental on the CD The Legend Lives

7. Seiichi Yamamoto (Teichku Records TECW 30613, 1997, Japan) on the Boogie With The Wizard (A Tribute to Marc Bolan & T. Rex) CD

8. Bolan's Children (Rolly) part of a tribute medley on (Teichku Records TECW 30613, 1997, Japan) on the Boogie With The Wizard (A Tribute to Marc Bolan & T. Rex) CD

9. Los Hermanos Dalton "Cosmic" 4 track 7" (Karma Records - Karma 004) Spain

10. The Metal Gurus (psuedonym for Slade) on the B-side ot their "Merry Xmas Everybody" 7" (GURU 1 (Mercury 878682-7) 1990, UK)

For a list of bands that covered other Marc Bolan songs, go to Marc Bolan Covers. 

-- a tribute to a classic party band

that is gone but not forgotten.


Hear Smashed Gladys play "Lick it into Shape"

and "Dive in the Dark".

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Looking for Smashed Gladys music?

* Note: Some places may not offer SG music at certain times. In that case, please go to another place on the list.

I finally found my copy of the Smashed Gladys Social Intercourse CD through an auction at eBay.

Check for Smashed Gladys items at eBay!

Buy SG's "Social Intercourse" vinyl album at ...

Bolt Beats

Die Rille

Doug's Vinyl for Sale

Hit the Deck

Metal Mayhem

Moby Disc

Oakhill Music

Rock of Ages

Sonic Recollections

Vepo Music

Vinyl Signs

Buy SG's "Social Intercourse" cassette at the ...

Oakhill Music

Wishing Well Entertainment

Buy SG's CD for "Social Intercourse" at ...

Moby Disc

Metal Mayhem

(They do not have the original CDs at this time, but they can transfer the Social Intercourse album to CD. However, you will be missing the censored version of the songs which are a trip.) 

Buy the SG self-titled vinyl album at ...

ASM Music

Die Rille

More Music

Buy SG 12" singles on vinyl at ...

Bolt Beats:

Lick It Into Shape

Legs Up

California Albums Auction:

Legs Up

Buy Compilations ...

Metal Queens: Women in Rock

(has SG song on it "Eye of the Storm")

Still looking for someone selling this

Smashed Gladys on Radio Compilation (1988) CD

Buy Imports ...

SG "Social Intercourse" German

Buy Other Recordings:

Widz Vidz:

Live Video Concert of Smashed Gladys at the Cat Club 24/09/86 71 minutes -- Very Good Quality

Gianni Velardi Videolist:

Live Video Concert of Smashed Gladys NEW YORK-The Cat Club 24/09/86 72 minutes-- Very Good Quality

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