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Release Date:
Final Fantasy VII
Sept. 7/97
Sony Playstation
3 CD's, 1900MB
60-70 hours

Get updated info on the game and more!
Last Updated: 4.16.97

Demo Preview
Wanna know what the demo's like? Here's the place!
Last Updated: 2.22.97

Character Info
As usual, Square comes up with the most amazing set of characters.
Last Updated: 2.20.97

Call Spells
Check out these cool pics
and movies of Call spells.
Last Updated: 4.17.97

About Me
Learn everything you need to know about me and my SquareSoft adventures.
Last Updated: 2.20.97

Final Fantasy Pics!
Final Fantasy Music!
Final Fantasy Movies!
Last Updated: 4.17.97

Other Stuff
Other reviews, my Top Ten List and vote for your favorite game!
Last Updated: 4.6.97

Cool, cool sites that
are worth visiting.
Last Updated: 3.27.97

Webrings, etc...
Go here and see... That's right, you guessed it!
Last Updated: 3.30.97

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April Updates

Guess what? For any of you that have been here before, you don't have to e-mail me anyomre to receive those Call Spell AVI's!! I guess that's better news for me then for you (it ain't easy keepin' track of you sent them to and you haven't. If you miss one day your behind for a month!) Anyway, so they are now downloadable! They're located in my Call Spell and Downloadables section.

What's this? Final Fantasy IX being made in the US? Do my eyes deceive me? Find out in my "News" section. There's an article on it. A few reminders: Vote for your favorite game in my "Other Stuff" section, send in stories and artwork so I can open that "Stories and Artwork" section and read the article in my "News" section about Final Fantasy VIII and sign that petition!

I've got some new news concerning Final Fantasy VIII. This time it is OFFICIAL news from SQUARE. It's in my "News" section in the same article as the previous Final Fantasy VIII news. Reminder: you can vote for your favorite game in my "Other Stuff" section.

The results are FINALLY in. You know, keeping track of a survey isn't as easy as it looks. The winner of the "Vote For Your Favorite" is... go to my "Other Stuff" section and find out. There, you'll find a link to a "Past Results" section which has the complete results of the contest. And once you've checked that out, you can "Vote For Your Favorite Game" in the "Other Stuff" section. I just put it up and all the games are tied at 0, so VOTE!

I've got an article concerning Final Fantasy VII that everyone should read. It involves something like a "problem" within the game, so go to my "News" and see that. And just to remind you, tomorrow is the last day to vote for your favorite system. On the 6th, the Final Results will be posted, and a "Vote For Your Favorite Game" will be up and running. So see the results and vote for your favorite system then.

March Updates

I've taken out the "Results So Far" part of my "Other Stuff" section, and extended the last day of voting to April 5. I took the "Results so far" away to keep the outcome a surprise. I extended the final date because I wanted to. The final results will be posted on the 6th, so you have to check out my site then, and the new "Vote For Your Favorite Game" will be up running, so you can vote for that after checking out the results. Reminder: Send in some stories and artwork so I can reopen the Stories and Artwork section. My e-mail address is below, so you have no excuse (except, maybe, that you don't have any stories or artwork).

As you may have noticed, I took out the Stories and Artwork section since NO ONE sent in anything. But I'd be glad to reopen it if some people send some stuff in. E-mail it to me at: harnest@msn.com. The deadline for voting is approaching (April 1st), so go to the "Other Stuff" section and vote.

Well, I put in that Stories and Artwork section, but the thing I got is one of my own stories, and it's not even done (but still read it, and e-mail what you think so far). To get yours published you just gotta send them to: harnest@msn.com. I updated the "Results so far" part of my "Other Stuff" section. I got about 12 votes from the same guy for PC. I only counted one. Remember, the last day to vote is April 1st, so get out and vote. Oh, I almost forgot: I HAVE NEWS ON FINAL FANTASY VIII!! That's right, 8!! See my "News" section for details.

My music section has grown by about 300% so check that out. I'm still waiting waiting for Fan Art and Stories, so send those in. Just a reminder: April 1st is the last day to vote, so go to the "Other Stuff" section and vote. And don't forget those new movies I got on the 14th.

I've got a ton of new movies from Next-Generation Online for your viewing pleasure, so see them in my Downloadables section. I'm trying very hard to complete the Pictures section, but time is hard to find in my busy life. I plan on creating a "Vote For Your Favorite Game" thingy in the Other Stuff section as soon as the "Vote For Your Favorite System" is over (I'll collect no votes after April 1, so if you haven't voted all ready, hurry up!). I'm interested in starting a Fan Art and Story section, so if you have any artwork or cool stories you want to be put on my site, e-mail them to me, and since I'm not the pickiest of people, pretty much anything will get published, so send it in.

Any questions, comments, etc., mail to harnest@msn.com

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