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While I was initially going to take this page down due to a change in setup of the team, I have decided to leave it up. It is a good source of information on this particular regiment for BTech fans (my opinion). The warrior names are obviously not from BTech, but they are the names of my team mates that were in the unit with me. The unit information on each of the Atrean Dragoon units is from the Free Worlds League Field Manual. The smaller emblem in the upper right hand corner of the Lance emblems of the 1st and 12th Dragoons, as you look at your screen, is also BTech accurate, being developed from the Battletech Free Worlds League Field Manual. The emblem of the 11th Dragoons was modified from the description. If anyone has any questions reletive to the Field Manual, please e-mail me and I will see if I can locate the information you want.

The Free Worlds League

House Marik

Atrean Dragoons Home Page

Among the oldest and most respected regiments in the League, the Atrean Dragoons have been repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. At their strongest, immediately prior to the Succession Wars, the Dragoons were fourteen regiments strong; only three remain in active service. The Atrean Dragoons have repeatedly demonstrated their loyalty to the Captain-General and have been rewarded with some of the most advanced military technology in the league. All three Dragoon regiments have the same parade colors, a light grey base with green accents. Individual panels may be highlighted in solid green. The unit's insignia is a shield, fading from gold to red, emblazoned with a blue, white and black rectangle. Red numerals above the insignia denote individual regiments.



Force Commander Lucifer

Master Sergeant SprKommando

The First Atrean Dragoons first gained reknown during the Andurien War. One of several FWLM deployed to interdict the flow of supplies into the rebel duchy, they made numerous successful raids against Shiro III and Conquesta. The unit was on reserve during the liberation operations between 3036 and 3040. The unit's motto is "Decus et Tutamen" (honor and defense) which is inscribed beneath the Atrean Dragoon insignia.


Sergeant Major Ghost

Corporal Darkhope

In Memory of a fine Warrior

Darkhope died on June 26th 1998, from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. He was one of the good ones in this internet community, and will be missed, and remembered.

The 11th Dragoons were effectively destroyed during heavy fighting on the world of Bolan in 2541, but remained on the FWLM roster for poltical reasons. During the reign of Captain-General Ewan Marik, the unit's banner was passed to Erin Chu, a former mercenary commander serving as an FWLM advisor. Chu used her impressive service record and charisma to recruit several veterans as the core of the new Eleventh Dragoons, and the re-formed Eleventh entered active service shortly before the outbreak of the First Succession War. The units insignia shows two hands, a smoking pistol in the left and a sword in the right.


Sergeant Major Tarn, XO

Sergeant Classic

Sergeant Deino

Sergeant Trunks

During the civil war of 3014-3015, the Twelfth Atrean Dragoons sided with Anton Marik. Fighting against Loyalist troops eventually decimated the unit, and most people expected Captain-General Janos Marik to disband what remained of the regiment. Instead, Marik sparked a storm of controversy when he rebuilt the "disloyal" Twelfth Dragoons, filling it's ranks with a core of loyalist Mechwarriors and placing it under the command of Julian Langsdorf Jr., the son of one of his political allies. The unit later repaid the Captain-General's faith with exemplary service during the Fourth Succession War and the abortive Andurien secession. The Twelfth Dragoon's insignia shows a pair of cavalry sabers, held aloft by two white doves.

This is the standard battle uniform for a Mechwarrior in the service of House Marik. The buff tunic or halter top and shorts are overlayed by a coolant vest, as the temperatures inside a Mech can become intolerable without it. The large neurohelmet provides the interface between man and machine that allows the pilot to control his Mech. Most Mechwarriors also wear belts containing portable power supplies, cooling vest circulation pumps and transmitter units for the various bio-medical sensors attached to the pilots body. Mechwarriors also commonly wear sidearms, though sidearms are not a part of the official uniform. Prior to Thomas Marik assuming leadership of the League, each of the League's major provincial powers had evolved it's own uniforms. Individual units and warriors commonly further customized both their dress and field uniforms. As his final step in reorganizing the FWLM, the Captain-General ordered that a standard set of uniforms be designed and issued to FWLM personnel. FWLM Mechwarriors wear two field uniforms. The first, pictured above, is worn inside a Mech, while the second is reserved for other occasions when the dress uniform is inappropriate. Outside of their Mechs, pilots wear olive green jumpsuits, often over their mech kits. Usually the pilots name is stenciled on the jumpsuits left breast, with rank insignia on the left shoulder and unit patches on the right arm. Many Mechwarriors also choose to wear purple wind-breaker jackets, with rank insignia on the left shoulder, the FWLM patch on the right and unit insignia on the back.

This page is dedicated to my team mates from the Atrean Dragoons, House Marik, the Free Worlds League. We play Mechwarrior2 and Mercenaries in the Registry League, The Killing Zone (TKZ), and Net Battle Tech (NBT). I was the XO for the Atrean Dragoons.

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