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This Page is a proud member of the Mecha Support Teams
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House Marik
If you came here looking for the Atrean Dragoons home page, you have found it. Due to a recent team re-organization, the Dragoons is no longer an active regimental name in our team. I have, therefor, split this page further, to include information on the Free Worlds Legionnaires. Information on the Atrean Dragoons can be found here. Information on the Free Worlds Legionnaires can be found here.
Follow thislink to other team members pages and pages with information on Mechwarrior2 and Mercenaries. I also have links to sites providing historical information and time lines of the Houses and Clans.
E-mail me at: Tarn
If you don't know yourself, nor the enemy, you can't but lose. If you know yourself, but not the enemy, you have a chance of not losing. If you know yourself and the enemy, you can't lose. Sun Tzu's Art of War, free translation. Sign our Guestbook here: Read what others have said here
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