Toma-chan's Museum
*BANG* *BANG* A girl with her short brown hair tied back stops hammering to look up in surprise at her visitors, then rises, brushing the dust off of herself.
"Oh, hi! Please excuse the dust..." She yanks a sheet covering a big sign which says...

Toma-chan's Page

Konnichiwa and well met!!! I am Toma-chan, your tour guide, *holds up her name tag*, and this is my site. I am pleased you decided to visit - feel free to browse around (but please do NOT take anything, without my or the orginal owner's permission)...

I finally have a webjournal at Check it out! ^_^
*Also, the Samurai Troopers movies are finally in America, with Gai-den and Legend of Kikoutei(both in the same DVD package, in fact) and Message. Most of the Ronin VAs have returned for their parts, with some exceptions... and the Japanese seiyuu are all the same. :) Check it out! ^_^


Look for me on Live Journal as 'touma_karamochi'! ^_^ Oh, and also, I have made a list of things that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on... ^_^ Please take a look! :) ***

This way please... Before we start the tour, a little about myself... My real name is Jeri, and I am ;p years old. ^_^ I used to live in Green Bay, Wis, but anime and other pursuits led me to Kentucky, where I met others who also like anime too. I would like to go into meteorology soon, with a specialty in tornadic research, and currently am working on a physical science degree... This page is about some of my loves - Japanese Animation, geology, and tokusatsu, ...If you have any questions, compliments or complaints(other then my name, and that will *not* change, nor will any spellings I used of characters' names - that is how *I* interpret them...^_^), you're more then welcome to vocalize them at the end of the tour...

*What's New!*

This has come to my attention, ever since I started to bid on eBay. It seems that people are selling fansubs and Chinese bootleg DVDs(these are usually not done very well - to the current date, I have never been satisfied with a Chinese bootleg DVD...^_^) on eBay, as well as taped episodes of shows already shown here in the US($356 for Taped Ronin Warrior episodes?????? COME ON, PEOPLE!), which is VERY illegal! Please do not support buying these tapes or DVDs, and encourage your friends to do so as well, please? Buy the legitimate DVDs and support the Industry that keeps bringing cool anime to Cartoon Network and stores!! ^_^ Click on the above picture to see more on how to protest this...

What's New?

Shall we begin?

Now, Japanese Animation is the first stop on our tour, since I found out about it when my soon-to-be favorite series was showing on tv, and I was hooked by the third episode. It naturally is called Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, but when I first saw it, the title was 'Ronin Warriors'(first shown on American television on June 25, 1995). My favorite character is Tenku no Toma (or in the American version, Rowen of the Strata) but another character, Suiko no Shin(Cye of the Torrent) is a close second. Anyway, the series starts out with 5 teenage boys that call upon magical samurai armor to fight off an invasion by the evil Netherworld headed by an oni(demon) named Arago(Talpa) that is trying to take over the mortal world. I have seen more anime like YuYu Hakusho, HunterxHunter, Saiyuki, any of the Miyazaki movies, Full Metal Alchemist, and many others, which are becoming favorites of mine, but that is a hallway yet to be completed, since I just put this page up(as of June 8, 1997).

(scanned from my Detective Conan cd ^_^)
This is a great show! MeiTantei Conan(Detective Conan) is about a teenage detective named Kudo Shinichi who is forced to take a toxin meant to kill him, but it actually shrinks him to a small boy(renaming himself Edogawa Conan). How is Shinichi going to solve cases now? And how can he keep it from Ran, his girlfriend, without getting found out? Check here for a really cool page on this new series! Soon to be a wing devoted to Detective Conan too. :)
*NEW* Now there is a site to find the translations for Detective Conan manga! Go here to find all about the newest cases our young detective must solve in his quest to find the evil members of the Black Organization! ^_^

Coming soon!
  • New pages!!
  • more new information :)
  • maybe other ideas as well... feel free to inspire :)
    Thanks, RoninRowan! :)

    My new improved Fanfic page, coming soon!! (I hope...) Until then, here is my fanfic page.

    Now announcing!! *Toma-chan pulls back a curtain to reveal a new wing, surmounted by cherry trees in blossom* The shrine to some of my favorite characters is now open! Feel free to walk among the halls and join in the worship... ^_^

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