Meant for Each Other..  

Opposites do attract and Ranma and Akane argue enough to qualify as opposing forces!  

But we know that underneath it all, this 'tomboy' and 'pervert'  are deeply in Love. 

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Cute is NOT the word...

Lost Souls - see why Ranma and Akane are destined... 


Exactly WHY they're Meant for Each Other --
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Pairing Akane up with others = ?
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Ranma with any other girl?
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Ranma and Akane Kissing?!
Ranma and Akane: meant for each other
This website is dedicated to the knowledge that RANMA SAOTOME and AKANE TENDO of Rumiko Takahashi's anime, RANMA 1/2, are meant for each other. No other fiancee, frustrated suitor, or occasional obsessed neurotic can hope to compete against the true love that is uniquely their own ... erm...although it is violent (on Akane's part) and constantly denied (by Ranma).... ^_^

Welcome! This site will always be under construction so not all the links will be working all the time. (Good excuse, ne?) sigh... It'll take much longer now that school's starting...

Please be patient, most of my pages have lots of pictures,so they may take a little while to load.

My site is mainly designed for those slightly acquainted with Ranma 1/2.  It wasn't planned that way -- it was supposed to be purely Ranma and Akane for die-hard Ranma fans. I couldn't help myself -- i just had to explain everything, and then it turned into blocks and blocks of text. Believe me, what you see is the product of much restraint! ^_^

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Want to hear Ranma and Akane's True Feelings?
Ballad Of Ranma and Akane
(well, muzak version is close enough)

And if you want to see the two in action during that Ballad, go here!

Courtesy of Gizmo!

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