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 Mojacko! is the top rating "anime" for kids in the Philippines today. It is about the everyday adventures of an alien being from the planet "Moja-Moja" who went to earth due to a terrible malfunction in their spaceship while exploring in space. This alien being nick named: "Mojacko" with his robot sidekick "Dono" befriended a human, "Surao", and stayed there until their spaceship was fully fixed. Their friendship grew and Mojacko who thought at first how uncivilized Earth was, became very fond of it and stayed here for quite some time. Mojacko, Dono, Surao and Miki (Surao's friend) were able to go to other planets and other hard to reach areas on Earth by taking advantage of Mojacko's aircraft. Their adventures continued when Mojacko's brother, "Mojaru", and sister, "Mojari", showed up and stayed with them also. Mojacko's arch-enemy "Momonja" who's in love with Mojacko's sister followed them to search for "the greatest treasure in the universe". He stayed with Surao's arch-enemy, "Wutan". Mojacko and company was also appointed to search for the treasure and therefore here started one of the greatest adventures of their childhood lives.
 Whoa! These are the pictures I've accumulated so far. These are scanned local "texts" (miniature cards) we bought from the local stands here. Momonja is my favorite character and kinda reminds me of Vegita!! You can use them in your webpages if you only put a link in your hp back to this page. I'm still searching for more pictures of these round, fluffy creatures so come back once in a while. Click on the pictures to view a larger size. Have fun! Oh! Don't forget to sign the guestbook ^_^.
L-R Surao, Mojaru and Dono, Wutan, Mojacko and at the center: Momonja!
Momonja and Wutan
Cat controlled by Momonja trying to talk to Mojari
Momonja with flowers for Mojari
Mojacko on a beetle
Mojacko singing
Momonja trying hard to talk to Mojari
Momonja turned to stone when seen by Mojari
Momonja offering a gift for Mojari
Mojaru and Dono

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