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Oh dear! Now I've done it. I accidentally deleted my original index.html file. I somehow was able to recover some of the design I did. Anyway, it's a reminder for me that this site needs to be updated badly. Oohh it's so bad that my Neo Eva Museum is already gone along with my account. I wish they didn't delete it just like that. I worked so hard on it T_T. 

So I'll be working on this site soon. In the meantime, you can also visit my other site:

Friendly Notes
Well this site is dedicated to all the anime fans like myself. Don't expect too much from it though. I got here some information of what's happening about anime in our country and some other important info I'd acquire. 
Well then, I would just like to say hi to my friends (otaku and non-otaku) from here to the other side of the globe! This page is dedicated to you all ^_^.

Oh! and if you have a webpage about anime, I would love to visit it to get more info...just put your links here

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