Cute Kurama

Sypnopsis of the story

This story is about a boy named Urameshi Yuusuke who had a very strange fate.This is all began with an accident struct him while saving a little boy.The accident takes his life to exchange the little boy's life.Because of Yuusuke's unexpected death,Koenma gave him a trial chance.If he can hatch and nurtured a Reikai egg,Yuusuke will be alive once more.While waiting for the day he's gonna be alive,Botan is ALWAYS accompanied him,no matter where Yuusuke went.But sometimes Botan's stupid jokes makes Yuusuke angry and ended up with a fist on her head.Koenma,who ALWAYS pops at the back suddenly,makes Yuusuke wants to have a heart attack.

New job and new friends

After Yusuke is bring back to life,Yusuke had to become a detective for the Rei Kai world.His first mission was to recover the stolen treasures of Reikai's property.Later,he succesfully found the three thieves that had been roaming and stealing around.Yuusuke kills Gouki,Hiei is being let go and helped Kurama.After that all was settled,Yuusuke bought them to the Ningenkai world.Hiei and Kurama probally be happy(you know why).After long times they battled,they had to fight in a competition named Ankoku Bujutsukai.Genkai is also appears with a cloth covering her face so anyone can't see her face.Even her pupils does'nt know it was her.And the magical battle is begin......


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