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hunted and slaughtered in many areas to the point of extinction, is not our enemy and can co-exist in the same area if given a chance. Mankind would be wise to pay close attention to the behavior of this magnificent animal. It after all adheres to a social structure much to be envied by the truly wise.The wolf is an extremely social animal. They co-operate with other pack members to maintain territories, obtain food and rear young. Packs maintain and protect territories from other packs by howling, direct confrontation of trespassing wolves and by scent-marking. Only to the non-natives who came to this continent, was the wolf viewed as a 'savage beast' who must be destroyed. Native people, in contrast, called him 'brother'. Great warriors, medicine men and chiefs took their name and wolf-tales were recounted around fires until the ashes grew cold. So powerful was the medicine of the Wolf, elite warrior societies believed that by donning their pelts and making themselves to resemble wolves before riding into the camps of their enemies, they would be unseen and virtually invincible. Bravery, loyalty, cunning and a high degree of intelligence have long been associated with the Wolf. They were admired by Native people for both their physical strength and their strength of character.

Wolf Slaughter in Canada's North West Territories... Environmentalists and wildlife officials have expressed alarm about the size of this year's wolf-kill in Canada's North West Territories. This year, hunters are expected to slaughter between 1,500 and 2,000 animals. The annual average has been 915. This year's kill-rate has been spurred both by high international demand for wolf fur and hunters' use of snowmobiles to drive wolves into the open where they are sometimes run to exhaustion, according to wildlife experts.

The NWT is the only area of Canada where hunting by snowmobile is allowed, and where there are no limits on how many wolves most hunters can kill.

Canada has agreed to a research program to evaluate the Wolf population of the North West Territories. The agreement, made by Canada with the World Wildlife Fund, is aimed at ensuring the long term conservation of the three types of wolves found in northern Canada.
The Canadian Federal Environment Minister has warned NWT officials that news reports about the hunt could hurt Canada's image internationally. Yet it was the media reports that prompted the World Wildlife Fund, Canada offer to help pay for increased research. The Fund president said that the group was interested in how the wolves were managed, but recognized the right of the NWT's Native peoples to "earn a living from the land." Many details about the effort still have to be worked out, and much of it may involve Arctic wolves which have not been the primary target on hunters but may be having other environment problems.

This terrible slaughter has been blamed on the world demand for Wolf pelts, but evidence shows that it the increase in Non resident hunters from the U.S. and Japan that has had caused this major crisis. It is time to stop this insane killing for sport. Contact your Government agency now to ban sport hunting entirely.

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