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Attention to all New York Rangers fans: If you have any pictures, sound clips, video clips, links, or banners with links, send them to me and I will post them on this page. I would love to advertise for anyone's Rangers page if they want a link. You can send them either e-mail me at the address below or sign my guestbook below. Enjoy this website. :o)

Click Above for the greatest Ranger Merchandise on the web

Special thanks going out to my good friend B.J. Stoppkotte for helping me with some of this stuff. B.J., You da Man!!!

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This is my home page dedicated to the 1994 Stanley Cup Champions.

Current Ranger News: Catch a Gretzky Tribute on MSG Tonight. Get the full story at
Current Wolf Pack News: Rangers Sign Defenseman Ilkka Heikkinen. Get the full story at
Current Checkers News: CHECKERS GAME WORN JERSEYS FOR SALE. Get the full story at
Current Storm News: Tri-City Storm Makes "Big" Pick with Number-One Selection. Get the full story at

(43-30-9)* 95 pts Next Game: End of Season. Last Game: Lost 2-1 @ Washington (Capitals Win Best-of-7 Series 4-3)(Nik Antropov (2); Henrik Lundqvist (23 for 25 (3-4)).
(46-27-7)* 99 pts Next Game: End of Season. Last Game: Lost 5-3 @ Worcester (Sharks Win Best-of-7 Series 4-2)(Dane Byers (3), Dale Weise (2, 3); Matt Zaba (28 for 33 (2-4)).
(34-29-8)* 74 pts Next Game: End of Season. Last Game: Lost 4-3 Vs South Carolina (Sting Rays Win Best-of-7 Series 4-2)(Jeff Miles (1), Peter Tsimikalis (1), Michel Leveille (3); Jeff Jakaitis (36 for 40 (1-3)).
(11-48-1) 23 pts Next Game: End Of Season. Last Game: Lost 5-2 Vs Sioux Falls (Torin Snydeman (8), Joe Zarbo (17); Matt Margitan (39 for 44 (0-12)).

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