Hercules, The Bichon Frise

Hello! I'm Herc, and I own the Godzeno family. Of course, they think they own me, but this is a misconception on their part. Just look at how I order them around. All I do is go to the door and whine, and one of them jumps up and fastens themselves to me with a leash and then follows me outside and on a long walk around the neighborhood. I make them stop at every bush, hydrant, and telephone pole and stand quietly for as long as I choose. Then, at night, I let them sleep with me. They curl around me and place their hand on my head for comfort. I make them give me a bath every week and comb me to exercise their arms and hands. I even make them hold me in their laps whenever I desire, no matter how hot the weather. I make certain that they keep my bowls filled: one with water and one with dog treats. They also are required to provide my meals on a daily basis. Some people believe that Lincoln emancipated the slaves, but I have my own. They are at my command at all times. I'm glad I don't have to lead a people's life. It is much better being a dog.

This is a picture of me and my adopted brother, Buddy.

He decided that he needed his own webpage. He has a lot to say.

On October 17, 2002 Buddy went to doggie heaven. I miss him.

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