Caretaker: Darlene Valentine

Cottage inhabitants: Dolls, bears, bunnies, a real live black cat and one crow named Corliss.

About Rainbow Cottage:

Rainbow Cottage is located in the state of Oregon and is nestled among beautiful cedar trees. Since pansies and violets are favorites of the caretaker, they continually bloom here in abundance.

Upon entering the cottage, you are met with the wonderful aroma of freshly baked apple pie coming from the cottage kitchen. The large windows have lace curtains that gently filter the sun beaming in and braided rugs adorn the highly polished hardwood floors. There are many blooming-type house plants to add to the homey atmosphere. The cottage has examples of the various needlecrafts enjoyed by the caretaker.

You will note, all through the cottage, but especially in the parlor, that Rainbow Cottage is home to many dolls, bears and bunnies. All appear to be ruled over by a newcomer, named Corliss. Seems this bossy little crow just showed up one day and proceeded to take over. Someday she may realize that no one pays any attention to her attempts to "rule the roost."

About the caretaker:

Caretaker: Darlene
My name is Darlene and I am a wife, mom to four and
grandmother to three, great grandmother to one, and most importantly,
I am owned by a black cat named Scooter.

I have many hobbies, most of them involving some sort of needlework. Right now my most favorite thing to do is make and sell doll clothes. Some are made of fabric and some are crocheted. I've been making up my own patterns and enjoy that very much. Other things I enjoy doing are clothdoll and bearmaking, counted cross stitch, silk ribbon embroidery, crocheting, writing children's poetry and reading. I enjoy the ocean, lighthouses, covered bridges and houseplants.

Corliss the bossy crow.

Mason and Baby Blossom

Made from a Carolee Creations pattern

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From the gardens of Rainbow Cottage.

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