Welcome to Psyke's World Of Street Fighters and X-MEN

Welcome to Psyke's World Of Street Fighters!! Here you can find loads of information on the most popular arcade games of all time, including all FAQs, moves and even infinity combos!! The games that I will be covering include Marvel Super Heroes, X-men Vs Street Fighters, Street Fighter Zero 2, Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighters and Street Fighter 3.

OK!! Here comes the game that started crazy air combos and incredible gameplay (well at least for me). Spidey and Wolverine were my two best characters, and were the only two I used in arcades. I started using the others only when I bought the Playstation version......hee. This game has become a classic now, and it's popularity can be clearly seen at arcades, even 2 years after it's arcade release.

For X-men Vs Street Fighters, I have included their special moves, super combos, and most importanly their INFINITY COMBOS!!! Since this is my all time fave game, I've put more time and work into them.If any of the combos fail to work, send me a mail and I'd see if I can help. The graphics, though still on CPS2, is top notch. All these factors make way for a terrific fighting game.

In my humble opinion, this game is poor, compared to X-men Vs Street Fighters, or even Marvel Super Heroes. This is mainly due to the removal of infinity combos (though some still exists, and will be covered here), and the alteration of many moves. The interface has also changed dramatically...it looks kinda too colorful now, and the pictures of the characters look too "cartoon"..........A pity, this game is only above average.


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