On the ocean 
and the sea,
her mighty mass, 
she carried me.
She carried me 
and many others,
for after all, 
we all were brothers.

Our tours seemed brief 
in her great story,
for she had seen 
and lived the glory.
Her battles rang loud 
to the world around,
as her valiant life
was far from ground.
The Yorktown legend
is one of prominence,
The Fighting Lady
was known for dominance.
Her men, her planes
her fighting spirit,
Knew no bounds
her crew wouldn't hear it.
They went to sea
for duty calls
and took their place
in hallowed halls.
This old gray lady,
this grand ol gal,
has met the enemy
and gave em hell.
Some say she rests
at the bottom of the sea,
but we who know her
know that can't be.
She lives in the hearts
of many a mortal,
and sails as always
through greatness' portal.
In days gone by
she had her heyday,
We hold her dear
The Fighting Lady.

Bill Jones
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