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Adults of today who were children at the time of the war in Vietnam may well ask 'What was it all for?'. The images of the Vietnamese child burning with napalm, the bound man having his head blown off and the terrible footage of thousands of bombs destroying the Vietnamese jungle. Nowadays retired American and Vietnamese soldiers meet up to discuss the experience that stole their youth.

Now another David and Goliath conflict has been created. A media which has either reverted to infancy or else reached premature dementia tells us it is a war with a humanitarian purpose. This suits Blair who like Thatcher has found his war - only Thatcher's WAS a war against an opposing military. Blair makes do by killing civilians in their homes, in hospitals, in jails and while they sleep exhausted out of doors. Even those he likes to be photographed with for publicity stunts are not spared incineration.

The massive destructive power of most of Western Europe and the USA attacked a small Balkans country and created a shocking human tragedy. In the time-honoured style of the aggressor and bully it is of course the victim who gets the blame. In this new kind of war where no war is declared, a clear aim of NATO is the driving back of civil society to the stone age - much as they have already done in Iraq. (Would that our cynical media would turn on our tears with pictures of starving Iraqi babies but the truth and reality are too dificult to deal with so we are fed current affairs on the level of soap operas)

We who look on in horror as NATO bathes the Balkans in nuclear debris (from the missile warheads) which will cause problems for human and animal life for generations, ask who would now willingly go back to live there. We who marched with CND or subscribed to Amnesty International wonder when the NATO attack will start on Turkey for it's oppression and killing of Kurdish people. We wonder what will be the outcome of NATO attacks on Indonesia for its genocide in East Timor and West Irian. We await anxiously the knights in shining armour who will save the Tibetans from China. We mourn for Sierra Leone, the slaughtered Muslim villagers af North Africa, the murdered in Rwanda...And so it goes.

This man, Blair, is making his mark and its an offensive bloody stain on the face of the globe. His awful helpmates: the misnamed Albright; Cook and Clinton are pursuing a policy of absolute dominance in Eastern Europe which has nothing to do with humanitarian aims of any kind. They are slaughtering civilians in the Balkans - women and children, young and old, Christian and Muslim. The evil NATO is stamping its authority on Eastern Europe and testing its bombs on real human flesh and bone, and its tactics on real political situations.

Where is the "peace dividend" promised after the fall of the Berlin Wall ? In fact our world is now dangerously out of balance and the possibility of many people conducting a peaceful civil existance is seriously threatened. Clearly, after what we have seen happen in Iraq and now in the Balkans, the most unthinkable scenarios in terms of war and destruction including the use of nuclear weapons (which is happening now in the Balkans) are possible and even probable.

What is most disturbing about these events is the response of the vast majority of people in the Western European countries. It appears to be either complete indifference or else a laudable concern for the refugees. However, there is no appreciation that the acts of their own governments created the disaster in the first place. The media has complete control over the collective tear ducts and cruelly manipulates human suffering as it manufactures a version of reality entirely in line with NATO policy.

When independently minded people come to study the subject long after the last screams of agony have blown away, it will appear in its true light as a complex affair of political control and dominance. The one-sided, easy-appeal, newspaper-selling distortions will appear in the final account as the shameful abuse of absolute power by men such as Murdoch, king-maker and controller of "news" along with the amoral Clinton and the increasingly unhinged and bloodthirsty Blair.


This time we are not presenting to you the part of the body which is injured by the NATO alliance action. We are only giving the face of a 13 year old boy who died yesterday, and for whose life the doctors have been struggling during the past 10 days, although it was almost certain that his life could not be saved. The boy was injured at Kosovo by part of a bomb which entered his body at its back area and exited through abdominal area. Because of the extremely bad look of the wound we haven't presented it earlier and for the same reason we are not doing it now. The journalists from "The Times", "Independent" and many other corespondents from Belgrade as well as the reporters of some TV stations have had an opportunity to see our doctors fight for the life of this boy. He was also visited by the Russian Duma chairman Mr. Seleznyev and president of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. The struggle for the life of little Ivan is lost. The parents will have to live without their son and the sister without her brother. His blue eyes won't see the flowers this spring. Was it necessary to happen to him? Was it necessary to happen to many Serbian and Albanian children? How many children are condemned to such an end because of the NATO politics which we can't understand? S.T., machine technician, 26 years old, injured on April 2, 1999., after the shelling of the village Gracanica near Prishtina. The injury inflicted by the explosion of the NATO air strikes. The patient had the total destruction of the lower jaw and the greater part of the upper jaw, as well as severe damage to sight. This injury requires several surgeries to be performed in the longer period of time and injured will have permanent aesthetis and functional consequences (nutrition, respiratio and speech)


Please look at this dead boy, Mr Blair.


Look at this mutilated man, Mr Blair.


Committee For Peace In The Balkans

Independent Press

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