Table of Contents

Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Topics

Common Biblical Misinterpretations

Bible & Homosexuality Links - With Descriptions

My Theory on "Homosexuality" and the Sex of Souls

Why I self-identify as queer.

The Silence is Killing Us
Dedicated to Matthew Shepard and to everyone else who has suffered hateful discrimination.

Matthew Shepard
A message about Matthew from his parents; description of Matthew's injuries as desribed by Poudre hospital; a beautiful picture of Matthew; link to the Matthew Shepard Tribute site.

About Basil Blue




Life & History

A Poem for Sarah

Basil Blue's Coming Out

Closet Cleaning
How I support what I believe in.

Political & Religious Beliefs

Okay Basil, are you a Virgin?

Actors & Movies, Singers & Bands

Why, As A Married Woman, My Bisexuality Is Important & Relevant

Why I am not a Search Engine Slut: A discussion of sexual orientation terminology

Choose Your Own Adventure Story

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Ample's Vasectomy page

Ample's RaDiCaL UC Berkeley Spring '98 Planning essay

Bradley Childbirth Method

Read what I have to say about the Bradley Childbirth Method
Bradley Childbirth Method


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