Allerya and Vormulac's Sailormoon Artbook Gallery
Allerya and Vormulac's Sailormoon Art Gallery

Oooooooh! This amazing site was one of the first places that introduced me to Sailormoon Manga! It is DEFINETLY one of the best of the best! Beautiful layout, HUGE manga picture gallery of all the senshi,Mamoru, villans, and MUCH MORE! All your basic Manga pics, but very good quality! They also have a SM coloring book! very cool!

Flowers of the Senshi

Good, page, very nice layout, nice pics (Manga, I LOVE it!)Oh! and the flowery manga gallery is to DIE for! VERYYYY pretty! check it out!

Gallery of the Silver Millenium
Gallery of the Silver Millenium

THE best area out ther dedicated to Usagi and her Mamo-chan! ^-^)(*sniff* they're so kawaii together!)over 1000 pics! *sigh* I love this site! I'm such a hopeless romantic....

Lady Wren's SailorMoon Hideaway
Lady Wren's SailorMoon Hideaway

Okay, if you're a big fan of Naoko Takuchi's artwork and SM manga n'stuff, I got 1 word for ya... MAJOR!!!! I mean, REALLY major! Okay, so it doesn't have pictures catogorized to each senshi, group pics, ect... normally I don't like sites like that because I'm lazy, but believe me, THIS SITE HAS IT ALL! And if you're looking for pics of a particular person, don't worry, you'll definately find some! There are also some REALLY rare b&w pics that I haven't seen ANYWHERE else! So go! shoo! what are you waiting for, GO SEE IT!

SailorMoon Manga Utopia
Sailormoon Manga Utopia

Ahh! Yet ANOTHER one of my fav manga sites! All the pic's are clean, catagorized, and simply beautiful! Also, the layout is just lovely! I love the picture used for the image map!

Pretty Young Girl Soldiers

Now this is what my definition of a pretty much PERFECT Sailormoon site is! There's lots of pictures, both manga and anime, detailed info on the scouts, a section on chinese horoscopes, how to learn Japanese, how to pronounce Japanese, lots of cool links, and SO SO much more! So go see it and have fun!:)

Transparent Gif Gift Shop
Sailormoon Tranaparent Gif Gift Shop

Okay, this is THE place to go for all of your Transparent Gif needs! AWESOME site, with over 2000 Trans.Gif's of all kinds and sizes, all in thumbnails! And that's not all! There's also a humongous link list, a pretty decent regular picture gallery, and loads of other nifty stuff. And the Gif's really KICK ASS!

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