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This is dedicated to all Broly fans of Dragon Ball Z!! Broly is the BEST, and my FAVORITE character in Dragon Ball Z!! Enjoy!! (^____^)

Broly is the first Saiyajin to reach the Super Saiyajin level. He is the same age as Gokou, but also enimies.. Since they were both babies, baby Gokou was crying the he!l out of him (like me, hehe.. =) , making baby Broly insane. Broly, born with the intense power of the Super Saiyajin, was incredibely powerful. Also because Broly is so powerful, King Vegeta tried to kill baby Broly. Paragus (Broly's step dad) tried to stop him, but failed. They both were sent to another place, in a capsule. But they managed to live. Because Broly is so powerful, he has a golden locket on his neck and head. Which Paragus hurts him with his gauntlet. I JUST WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW HOW BROLY IS SO POWERFUL AND IS THE BEST IN DRAGON BALL Z!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry for typing in caps.. =)

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