Love Triangle in Kimagure Orange Road:
A Pictorial
Kimagure Orange Road is one of my favorite animes. It combines the elements of drama, romance, and the supernatural into one exciting and intriguing story. 

Kyousuke is a boy with unusual talents. He has the power of ESP. His family also has the power, and when people find out about their unusual gifts (or curse, depending on how you look at it) his family is forced to move to another town.

Soon after arriving in a new town, Kyousuke had a chance meeting with a beautiful girl named Madoka. He fell in love immediately, under the spell of her charms. 

However, love is a rough road, and our Kyousuke soon finds himself traveling down a very rough one indeed. That is because that almost immediately after his first meeting with Madoka, Hikaru, a friend of Madoka since childhood, had fallen in love with him. Thus began the love triangle that lasted throughout the series.

The relationship between the three main characters in Orange Road is quite complex, with many factors other than love figured in. This page is an attempt to analyse and explain the relationships between the participants of the KOR triangle.

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Commentary deals only with the Kimagure Orange Road TV series. for an explanation of why I have done so and other issues regarding the material on this page, see the supplementary page.

Supplementary Commentary, Q&A regarding the love triangle

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  • Click on each side of the Triangle to find out more about the dynamic between each of the pairs.
  • Click the picture of The TRIO for the times when they are together.

    Ayukawa Madoka  

    Kasuga Kyousuke

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    Hiyama Hikaru  

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