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These other stuff

these aren't anime stuff, so I won't bother organizing them.

Multimedia File Formats on the Internet
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software (TUCOWS) ##FILE SUCKING NOISE##
Welcome to Intel kick Motorola, IBM, AMD, and Cyrix's buttox... rah rah rah
Software Expo -- the way to find shareware on the Internet ##file leeching noise##
Microsoft Support Online Free Software (it's microscream, but it's free)
JASC Inc. Software Downloads
Top 10 Winsock Applications **file leaking noise**
Welcome to RealAudio !
ZDnet Search ##file siphoning noise##
LAN Connection Instructions
Infoseek Guide (used it for research)
The Hot Linx Page
The Shareware Resource Page
Spy Workroom On Internet (Under Construction)
Surplus Hardware & Software
WebCrawler Search (gives you lotsa junk, but at least it's a real robot instead of just giving you a list of who applied to be on the lists. AHEM!)
RealAudio Guide
Welcome To AudioNet!
Download a Quicktime Player
Macromedia: Shockwave Center
Game Demos Files
Welcome to McAfee
PC Magazine Reviews: Internet Search Sites
The Business Zone Guide To Web Design
HTML Quick Reference Guide
WhoWhere? GeoCities Personal Home Pages Directory

The I hate everything Section

Why America Online Sucks
Why You Should Boycott America Online
Windows 95 Annoyances (you just DON'T know how bad it gets, don'tcha?)
The official I HATE FRAMES club
List of Confirmed Bugs in Windows 95 that MS bothered to list on that page. The real SERIOUS bugs are discussed on a very obscure page called "Windows 95 Updates"that doesn't even display at all on my Netscape browser! Such is Microcrap. They sell a crappy bug-ridden product and treat their customers like crap.If I hadn't found that page and downloaded the kernel32 fix, my computer would still be crashing now. Thanks a freaking lot, Microcrap!
Why Windows 95 Sucks
Boycott Microsoft

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