Subject: Galaxy Fraulein Review
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 23:59:13 -0800
    From: David Hsing <>

Dear Editor:

I would like to point out errors on the reviews for both Galaxy Fraulein
Yuna and Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 2.

In both of the reviews, the character "Mirage" was sited as the villain
who sets up Yuna to be thrown into the Ultra Black Hole. This is not the
case, because it is "Fraulein D" who set Yuna up.

"Mirage" is "Princess Mirage", Yuna's _friend_ who blew up Yuna's house
for a wake-up call and helped save Yuna at the end.

Also, in both reviews, "GP" (Galaxy Police) was deceived by the villain
to believe that Yuna commited treasonous crimes, and Yuna was brought
before it and sentenced to death. Although it was a GP officer that
investigated Yuna, it was the "Galactic Alliance of 1000 worlds" as
mentioned in Yuna 1 that was mislead into sentencing Yuna to death. Yuna
was brought before the Galactic Alliance (or Galactic Councel) for the
trial, not Galaxy Police.

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