Ok, so this is going to be my new Cursors page. For the time being I won't have any visual pictures of the cursors, I will just describe them.

All of the cursors are designed for Windows 95/98 and work best with 256 Colors and above. - This is my collection of Dragon Icons, all are the same dragon with different color scemes. Total of 10 different Icons. - This my collection of different weapon icons and cursors. Two animated sword cursors, a hoopak cursor, a staff cursor, crossed staff and sword icon and a vertical raising animated orb cursor. - My collection of Final Fantasy 1 cursors. Contains cursors of the fighter, white mage, black mage, thief, black belt and red mage from the game. All except the Black Belt are animated. - My collection of Final Fantasy 3 cursors. Contains cursors of Kefka, Edgar, Setzer, Ramuh. A Kefka icon. And an animated cursor of Kain from FF2.

Ok, these files were made as freeware, you may distribute them freely but please give me credit for them. If you have a website throw a link of mine on it. Check the main page to get this page's banner.

I really can't make you give me credit, but don't be a newbie poser, if you want recognition make your own materials. Give me and my fellow artists the recognition we deserve.

Thanks! :)

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