Baron Simon Maurus The Argent Quill

Baron Simon Maurus "The Argent Quill"

Who is Simon? He is my ever-developing SCA persona.

Grünewald, Matthias: The Disputation of St. Erasmus and St. Maurice

Simon is named after St. Simon, and Saint Maurice, an officer of the Theban Legion of Emperor Maximian Herculius' army composed of Christians from Upper Egypt. His surname's spelling comes from a tome wherein during the 7th century Isidore, a Catholic scholar and Archbishop of Seville Spain wrote that the word "Maurus" meant "black." He was born in the year 1170 C.E. in the rock-hewn church region known as Lalibela, within the highlands of Abyssinia, now Ethiopia. An orphan, he was raised by the monks of the Orthodox Church. As he showed great promise in the literary disciplines, he was allowed to join their ranks.

Upon reaching manhood, Simon began martial studies to assist in the defense of his homeland from Islamic invaders from the East. In his travels he came to know of the tales of King Richard the Lionheart, and of the Crusaders who fought so bravely at his side. The temptation of a Holy Crusade was more than Simon could ignore, and he begged leave from the Abouna, the supreme chief, to travel. His wish was granted and Simon began his journeys. Simon's Moorish features allowed him a number of advantages over his comrades from the North. He found that he could move freely through Islamic-held lands without harm or question. This opened a whole new world for him.

In his journeys, he witnessed many a battle. However none would be as meaningful to him as the day he wandered upon a lone Crusader pitted against a force of twenty fierce Saracens. The scrapper, in full green and gold regalia, charged his adversaries fully aware that it would be his last living act. In the moment before he was called to his greatest honor, he shouted out to the heavens, and took leave of his mortal life.

Over the year that followed, Simon scoured every Crusader camp for warriors who might know to which company this brave man was attached. What he found was that this gentle was a warrior of The Lions of Oldenfeld . Simon sought out the Lions and over time proudly earned his place among them.

.My Knight, His Excellency Ser Severin Visconti di Milano
At Gulf Wars X, Simon had the honor of being squired to Ser Severin Visconti di Milano.

my history in the SCA

Among Simon's friends on the web are:
Don Seamus Mac Dhughaill, Lord David ap Eadwyn, Lord Lionel MacLaren,
THL Eoin an Eich Ghil mac Cionaodha , and Lady Teagan Grenfeld.

Simon now lives in the Barony of Oldenfeld

Barony of Oldenfeld

within the Kingdom of Trimaris

Kingdom of Trimaris

For additional study on Medieval Moors, you may peruse:

The Poetry of the Spanish Moors, Selections

Moorish Art in Spain

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My Arms: Sable, a feather bendwise sinister within a bordure embattled argent.  (October 2005 LoAR)


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