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So, Square finally released Final Fantasy 7 for the pc. And guess what, it looks fantastic! But the only way to get the full potential of the game is if you have 3dfx for your computer. The resolution is simply astounding on this game.
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These three kind people have agreed to help me to answer some of the mail that I get. If I can't get to you, or you are in a hurry for an answer, ask these guys, as they will answer it faster than I can. I stand by their answers, and if you have any problems, feel free to mail me the quesiton as well
Hey, if anyone wants to do some titles for the rest of my links, please e-mail me and I will put your name up as well as your site. ( I know this isn't much, but hey, what do you want? :)
The very first cheat for final fantasy VII !!
When you are in a battle, use the w-item to select the item that you want duplicated. Let's say a megalixer. Choose the elixer, then choose a guy to use it on. As your second item, just pick anything and then push ok once. Don't select the guy to put it on, but rather press the X button. You will get another one of the first item you chose. Press O and X repeatedly, until you get the desired amount that you want of that item. The person that gave me this code is
Here is something that I am going to ask the people visiting this site. Before you e-mail me asking a question, please check out the general tips and/or the message board. More often than not, the answer that you are seeking will be there. Of course, you can still mail me and ask me any question that you like, but if you could do your part and help to lighten up my load a bit, I would be greatly appreciate it
Some things that I found out
When you are in the northern crater, you can get more than one mega-all materia as well as another counter materia. When you are making your way down the crater, be sure to pick up the counter materia and the mega-all materia. After you have gotten this, just go to the area where everyone meets up and talk to everyone. Yuffie and Red will give you a mega-all and a counter materia.
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        This page is dedicated to those people who msg me in mIRC, asking me questions about the game, so I've decided to create this web page. On here you will find the usual info about FF7, plus something a little bit different, that I personally added. Hope you enjoy, and it's ALWAYS under construction.

 Added a new story section. If you wish to use any of the pictures on this site, please contact either me, or Fritz Schober. Besides that, I will be glad to answer any and all question that you may have about the game because I like to consider myself someone who knows alot about it. Just mail me and the question will be answered in less than 24 hours. (If not, then either you sent it to me late at night, of I am not able to get on to the internet to answer the mail.) Remember to press reload(refresh) often to get the latest updates.

Sephiroth is just so damn cool, isn't he? :)

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