July 29, 2004

Another little update, to see if things keep progressing as nicely as they have been for a little while now. Probably not. I'm bound to run into serious problems that I won't be able to fix sooner or later. Such is the law of computers.

Speaking of updates, I certainly aim to begin updating this page more frequently than in the past. Come to think of it, that won't be too hard considering that the last update was made in November. November 1999, that is. Ouch. But things will improve. Promise. Honest.

A major question is if I can throw in clickable links in this area. That would be neat. Seems like there's a problem with it though. Only one way to find out. Does the following lead to a horrible newspaper's page: Aftonbladet? If it does, that's good. If it doesn't - well, that's good too, because then you won't have to suffer reading their crap.

Here's more crap: Expressen. Same shit, different label, basically. It's not fun knowing that 1/4 of the Swedish population actually buys a copy of either of these newspapers. Every day.

July 29, 2004

Here's finally some sort of draft of the new homepage design. Hopefully it'll continue to develope and keep improving as my skills with html and css improve. However I am pretty pleased with the results already, though the navigation bar background needs a major improvement. Turned out to be difficult to make good looking GIFS in Paint though, as there really aren't that many colours to choose from.
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