The following is an adventure that started back in mid-June, 1996, with 2-3 posts a week. The party consists of a diverse group of characters and races that have gone through several different situations across the Shadowdale area of the Forgotten Realms. This party consists of some excellent Role-Players so I highly recommend reading the posts below. Here is an index of what is available on this page:

Special Note: The first week of December, we were all saddened by the news that Dan Berkowitz, who played Kersath, had passed away on the 21st of November after a heavy fight with Cystic Fibrosis. Dan was one of our original players and a great role-player who always had much to add to this game. He will most assuredly be missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Dan was 20 years old.

The Red Feather Company:

The Red Feather Adventuring Company was founded in 1368 DR at the suggestion of Druckner Brombreath, taking the red feather to pay homage to the death of one of their original members. Sporting no official charter or organizational guidelines, the Company is held together by the blood, sweat, and tears they have spent adventuring throughout the Shadowdale area of Faerun. Talimar Silverblade is the Company's reluctant leader with Ortho Pestkiller taking over the role of Tactical Commander in combat situations.

The Company originally came together to escort a cargo to the wizard Tauster, in Thurmaster. While traveling through the town of Milbourne they were informed of the mysterious disappearance of a local girl, an apprentice to Tauster, named Jelenneth. Oaths were sworn to find the girl and out of necessity, the Red Feather Company was born. Following are the members of the Company and their exploits thus far:

Current Membership

Deceased Members

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Major Areas of Interest and NPC's of Note:

Places of Interest
NPC's of Note

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Party Turns:

Warning!!! If you ever intend to play this adventure, I would advise against reading these posts as some secrets would be revealed.

The RFC recently completed the first book in the campaign. Click here to read about their journeys. The following begins the second book in their quest.

Book Two -- The Perils Below:

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