A new Midsomer Murders soundtrack album was released on the 16th September 2002 on the Universal Classics label, compiling the music of Jim Parker from across the series to date.

The album is available through http://www.amazon.co.uk amongst other outlets.

The track listing for the new CD is as follows:


1. Midsomer Murders 2:51
2. Agnus Dei 2:05
3. The Village 2:05
4. Isobel 2:08
5. Cambridge 1:58
6. Libera Me 2:08
7. Driving Home 1:49
8. Discovery Of A Dead Body 3:55
9. Hunting 1:51
10. The Commune 2:45
11. The Alcoholic Fox-trot 1:41
12. Sarah's Lament 1:59
13. The Madonna's Statue 2:47
14. Milking Time 2:10
15. A Roving 2:01
16. Ancient Rome 2:47
17. The Postman 2:38
18. Looking For Clues 2:08
19. Rosa 2:41
20. The Village Band 1:57
21. An Irish Boy 3:14
22. Cully's Tune 1:55
23. Haunted Rooms 2:32
24. Bunny Cakes 2:17
25. Magic Pipes 1:43
26. Meeting In The Dark 2:22
27. The Fairground 2:03


Some of the Midsomer Murders music was also available on the C.D. pictured below. It was released in 1998 by Oceandeep Soundtracks Ltd. E-Mail: oceantrac@aol.com. I managed to obtain my copy from Infront Ltd. at http://www.audiostreet.infront.co.uk

Track Listing is as follows:

 1. Midsomer Murders (Theme Tune)
 2. Agnus Dei (used in Death of a Hollow Man)
 3. The Village (the bubbly tune used in many episodes)
 4. An Irish Boy
 5. Cambridge
 6. Funeral Dance
 7. Driving Home
 8. Haunted Rooms
 9. Discovery of a Dead Boy
10. The Commune (used in Death in Disguise)
11. The Alcoholic Fox-Trot
12. Sarah's Lament
13. The Madonna's Statue (used in Death of a Hollow Man)
14. Milking Time
15. Scratching the Paintwork
16. Ancient Rome
17. Looking for Clues
18. Death on Stage
19. Rosa
20. The Village Band
21. Cully's Tune
22. Bunny Cakes (used in Faithful unto Death)
23. Magic Pipes
24. Hunt and Kill
25. Meeting in the Dark
26. The Fairground



The music for Midsomer Murders was written by Jim Parker, one of the most established composers of British Television music. Among his credits are 'Soldier Soldier', 'The House of Elliot', 'House of Cards', the T.V. adaptation of 'Tom Jones', 'To Play the King' and Moll Flanders, the latter three for which he received BAFTA awards.

In addition to his television achievements Jim Parker is a classically trained oboe player and has an honorary degree from the Guildhall School of Music. He is also a classical composer, his works include music for wind and brass ensembles and a clarinet concerto.

He has also written the music for the following:

1998 - My Summer with Des - TV
1998 - Lost for Words -TV
1998 - A Rather English Marriage - TV
1997 - The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling -mini TV Series
1997 - Deadly Summer - TV
1996 - The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders - TV
1995 - The Final Cut -mini TV Series
1995 - An Independent Man
1994 - Body and Soul - mini TV Series
1994 - To Play the King - TV
1993 - Pirate Prince - TV
1990 - The Finding - TV
1987 - The Moneymen - TV
1986 - Season's Greetings - TV
1985 - Mapp & Lucia - TV Series
1985 - Absurd Person Singular - TV
1985 - Time After Time
  - Changing Rooms - TV - current
  - Ground Force - TV - current - popular gardening programme


For the Midsomer Murders theme tune he introduced the use of a novel instrument called 'The Theremin'. It was invented by Russian Scientist, Professor Leon Theremin and was first demonstrated in 1920. It pre-dates the modern synthesizer by about fifty years but it's uniqueness stems from the fact that it it is played without actually being touched! It's electrical circuits are controlled by two antennas, left and right of the instrument, towards which the player moves his or her hands. The closer the right hand to the antenna the higher the ptich, with a similar arrangement pertaining to the volume controlled by the left hand.

The Theremin has a range well in excess of eight octaves, going right down to zero, and is capable of all kinds of strange effects. These sounds have been put to use in science fiction and other films including Hitchcock's spellbound. This unique instrument has also been used on The Beach Boys 'Good Virbrations'. Nowadays it's use in modern compositions is extremely rare.

Information on The Theremin is taken from the C.D. cover of the Midsomer Murders album.


The music heard before each death in Dark Autumn is called 'The Creep', composed by Ken Mackintosh/Brian Fahey/Gordon Langhorn. It is currently available on the following CD:

Ken Mackintosh & his Orchestra
Swinging Sax

In the EMI Gold Series
7243 5 26345 2 1

Troy and WPC Jay Nash dance to a song called 'Tangerine', written by Johnny Mercer and Victor Schertzinger in 1941. The version used in 'Dark Autumn' is by Jimmy Dorsey and his orchestra and sung by Bob Eberly who was a regular vocalist with the orchestra. Bob Eberly is joined by Helen O'Connell on the second part of the recording, however, it is only the first part of the song that is heard in 'Dark Autumn'. The song is available on several CDs including:

Too Marvelous for Words
24 Songs of Johnny Mercer

ASV Living Era
CD AJA 5230

Also heard in 'Dark Autumn':
Ted Heath - Hot Toddy
The piece at the end of the episode, in the ballroom, is 'Bernie's Tune' which is a multi-recorded jazz item written by Gerry Mulligan.
With thanks to J.B. Robinson for this extra information


The opening music heard in 'Ring Out Your Dead' is called 'Libera me'. The haunting choral music heard in 'Death of a Hollow Man' is called 'Agnus Dei'. Both tracks can be found on the CD 'The Best of Midsomer Murders'.


The band used in this episode was 'The City of Oxford Band'. The pieces played by the band were arrangements by Jim Parker of 'Mozarts Rondo Ala Turk' and of Jim Parker's 'Benidorm'.
With thanks to Ed Clark of 'The City of Oxford Band' for this information. You can find out more information about the band at http://www.cosb.co.uk.

The City of Oxford Band dressed for Midsomer Murders!
with thanks to the Band for letting me use this picture


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