AL Pictures

as football player

striped shirt, b/w (1964)
singing w/ striped shirt 1 (1964)
singing w/ striped shirt 2 (1964)
back cover of Summer Days (1965)
mini portrait, b/w (1965)
backstage, b/w (1969)

with cat (early '70s)
live (early '70s)
live b/w (early '70s)
playing piano b/w (early '70s)
with Johnny Rivers b/w (mid '70s)
a shot for "15 Big Ones", b/w (1976)
portrait, b/w (late '70s)
in concert with 12-string guitar (late '70s)
in concert (late '70s)

1985 album, b/w (1985)

in concert (1992)
with family on a cruiser (1995)
on board (1995)
singing and playing (mid 90's)
playing acoustic guitar (1996)
live with sons (1996)
with Kathy Troccoli at FanFair (1996)
with Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown at FanFair (1996)
with Adam, Matt, and the Friends and Family (1998)

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