Hey. This is MY homepage. It's boring. It's crappy. But it's MINE. The things here obviously amused me at some point in time. Maybe if your as bored as I am, you'll be amused also. If you feel the need to send me mail to irritate or berate me, go right ahead.

The newest thing I put up were the NEW pictures I put on "Me and My Favorite Pics". "Warped Minds" got some new junk too.

Here is all the stuff that is made by me!

Everbody ought to know!



My music stuff

Rats as Pets

Veggie Tales

Warped Minds

Cool links!

This is a Tribute to my friend Krinin.

The Hoss and Pots files

So give yourself completely to God. Stand against the devil, and he will run from you......James 4:7

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