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In early 96' born a project band called Mephisto's Sanctum Sectarum with Devilucifer on guitar, Pedro on bass and Jairo on drums, but the project rested due the main band's ocupations of each one of the members. Then Liber Spirituum was formed in february '98 by vocalist Zephyr and guitarist Devilucifer, who left mediocre bands to form a band with more satanic and blasphemous approach and mantaining the philoshopy in which was inspired Mephisto's and retaking its old tunes. In march '98 bassist Lucho joined and the band was baptized with its actual name. The three-piece line-up start rehearsing and concentrate in composing own songs. Drummer ApocalypticHammer joined the band in may '98. In July '98 the band performed its first gig, which was private for only friends and exclusive people in the scene. Right after this, bassist Lucho left the band. Then Liber Spirituum deep into the five tracks which would appear in a possible demo. A couple of covers was rehearsed besides, and the band was ready to enter the studio at the end of '98. But our drummer sold his drum kit, so he had to be kicked out. After several delays due the lack of members, summer solstice '99 was chosen for the recording of this masterful piece of metal: "...Frugativi et appellativi". Guitarrist Muerto and drummer Fernando joined to the recording sessions as guest musicians; after 40 hours into the studio, Muerto remained as permanent member and Fernando was kicked out. Actually the band had moved to the U.S. As a matter of fact, the tape was mastered at DDM studios in New Jersey, the CD format was decided, and Halloween was the date for the releasing of the first totally selfproduced CD from a metal band from Ecuador: "...Frugativi et appellativi".
The meaning of "Liber Spirituum" is "Book of the Spirits" and came from Latin language. The "Liber Spirituum" is an old collection of parchments where the initiated in the black arts writes and signs their pacts and invocations for demonic entities.

We focused in staying underground until any stuff being recorded and released, which had ocurred in fact until just now. Liber Spirituum is a band philosophically and musically into pure and true black/death metal, especially for beliefs, attitude and lyrics, and despising the whole imagery. The band's main goal is play an hybrid between brutal death in american style and black metal in the nordic vein. Putting all together with sheer doses of heaviness, brutality, intensity, hyper fast velocity and several doomy and obscure slow parts, dark and occult passages combinig ultra-low growls and aggressive screeching vocals. In fact, we would rather heaviness and brutality than boring technnical ability; straight forward to your face riffs instead uncatchy complex structures. Our main influences and favorite bands are: Acheron, Ancient Rites, Vital Remains, Sanctum Regnum (Gods!), Varathron, Thou Art Lord, Sarcófago, Mystifier, Mortuary Drape, Belial, Imprecation, Belphegor, Demonic Christ (Hail Dana Duffy!), Blasphemy, Luciferion, Fallen Christ, Pessimist, old Rotting Christ, old Samael, old Hypocrisy, etc. In fact, we prefer the Greek scene than the Norse one.
Lyrically the band is influenced by modern satanism and by the Church of Satan's major exposer Anton Szandor La Vey. His Beliefs, essays and the whole Satanic Bible and Satanic Rituals inspired a lot of verses for the band.


COMPILATIONS - "Hymn to Dark" Out of Ancient Ceremonies Mag. Compilations Vol. 5 (Portugal) - "Erdap Ortseun" Out of Sicking Productions Comp. Vol 2. (Fl, USA) - "Fuck you Christ" Out of Magistellus Infernal Comp. Vol 2. (Perú) Liber Spirituum "... Frugativi et appellativi" CD." Recorded in 40 hours at Pentagrama Studios, Summer Solstice '99. Produced by Liber Spirituum. Engineered by Mono & Guillo. Mixed by Guillo & Liber Spirituum. Mastered at DDM Studios, New Jersey. Art Design by Joe Fiamingo. All music & lyrics composed and arranged by Liber Spirituum. Photos by Devilucifer. Logo by Upir. Release date worldwide: 31-12-1999. Line-up for this recording: Zephyr: vocals & bass. Devilucifer: Guitars & Lyrics. Muerto: Guitar. Fernando M.: Drums (session). Rhadhamanthuss: keyboards. Adriana Urrutia: vocals on Intro & Outro. Liber Spirituum Plays Ibanez guitars, Marshall amplification, Voguel basses, Century drums, Zildjian cymbals and Casio keyboards. Price: $ 10 US, $12 World, s./ 250.000 Ecuador. Send cash, checks or IMO to: Chris Noboa P.O. Box 17-03-774. Quito-ECUADOR. e-mail:


Moved to the U.S., the band starts to work incorpoting a drum machine for rehearsing and home recording until someone be found to join as permanent drummer. Also a new bassist es in plans, because singer Zephyr is encouraged to put dedication just in vocals.
Jaunary 17th: Happy birthday Gabriella (Maldita bruja, hechicera y pitonisa!!!)
February 4th.: New bassist! Former bass player Lucho return to the band which saw him born, and rejoined forces to our war against christianity...
February 21th: We are currently searching for a new drummer and a new bass player. Are you interested? So get in touch! (Permanentemente estamos buscando nuevo baterista, nuevo bajista y un 2do. guitarrista. Si estás interesado, contáctate con nosotros!)
February 27th: Liber Spirituum RETURNS TO THE U.S. After a couple of months in Southamerica without succes in trying to reform the band, the remaining members decided to move once again to the States. The scene in Ecuador still seems so loser, and full of neurotic envy!
March 30th.: We are currently searching for a new drummer and a new bass player. Are you interested? So get in touch! (Permanentemente estamos buscando nuevo baterista, nuevo bajista y un 2do. guitarrista. Si estás interesado, contáctate con nosotros! No se necesita experiencia, tan sólo poseer el instrumento y vivir en Quito!)
April 19th.: Full Moon Productions is still distributing our Cd in the US and worldwide. LIXO from Columbia for Southamerica and Murmur for Ecuador and Europe.
April 24th.: One song from "...Frugativi.." CD is going to be featured in Ancient Ceremonies Mag. Compliation from Portugal.
April 28th.: Our CD is now available in Australia through Digital-Death.
May 16th.: Another song is going to be featured in the Sickin Productions Comp. 2. from Florida
Jul 23th.: Again the band is going to be featured in the Magistllus Infernal Comp. Vol.1 from Perú.
Nov 3rd: Bloodsoaked Promotions and Battle Hymns Records in USA, and Esotoric Art in Singapore join the distros who support Liber Spirituum. "...Frugativi..." is now available also through these fiine labels.

Jan 2nd: Our distributors spreads widely: Black & Death Distribution, Metal Warrant, Ordo Oscuro Domini, Golden Lake Prod., Death to Mankind Recs., Repulse, Oso Negro Recs., Acido, Espectro, Bleed Recs.
Jan 8th.: A new distro/label called INDEPENDENT UNDERGROUND is now run by tthe band. Email us for a complete list.
Feb 5th.: A new recording session is in the works! Six new songs a re-recorded track and a cover are ready! Expect a brutal and savage balsphemic assault of darkness and mayhem! With the typical Devilucifer's raw catchy riffing and the high class and sophisticated Muerto's soloing, plus the inhuman growls by Zephyr! A new bass player and a drum machine are the stand- outs from this recording tentalively named: "Stay impure in the sign eternal evil: Total Darkness, lust & fornication". And it would be released by a well know and greater label!
Mar 9th.: Web page totally updatd! Look around!


Issue 2, august 2000

"From the middle of the world come to us the first totally self-produced CD from an equatorian metal band. It's not common our bands' globalization, but this is the excepction and the flag to show our metal to the rest of the world. Production is totally professional, starting at the recording sessions and the mix, to the mastering and graphic design, both made in USA. A work never done before in our lands, and with a higher grade of merit if we remember that everything was done by the band members theirselves. Well, musically the quality is undeniable. The musicians have been into the underground scene for a long years ago "wasting their time" in another shitty bands, but was in early '96 when born as a project and join their talents to unleash this wild and cruel masterpiece. "Frugativi... " blends wisely the violent and impious black metal attack in the nordic vein, with the barbaric and savage Brutal Death assult in the american way. Bloody guitars which are dirty and ripping at the same time, but also with virtuoso technical skills; riffs that harmonize perfectly with octaves, harmonics and other fine resources; at soloing interchanging, Devilucifer goes crazy with tremolo bar at higher frets, while Muerto prefers hardly learned exotic scales and extremes bends. The bass is dinamic and standouting throughout the CD. The drums, played by a session member, comply, but saying the truth don't impress me. What deserves a special review maybe the vokills, it can be the best perfomance from the record; Zephyr does at the same time a supreme and inhuman gutural voice, and an unholy and unmercyful high pitched screaming, passing by a third, spoken the viking way. All of that adorned with ultra blasphemic and sacrilegiuos lyrics sung in english, latin and inverted spanish. Perhaps the one bad point is the fact that there's only 30 minutes of music in seven tracks, but for many others it will be exact an precise. All and all, is a highly decent old school Black/death metal, with influences from acts like ANCIENT RITES, SARCOFAGO, VITAL REMAINS, ACHERON, MORTUARY DRAPE, MISTYFIER, VARATHRON, etc. A righteous blackender blast for all of those who are like clowns with their daubed faces and playind stupid weird instruments. Ah! Although, it includes Intro & Outro with female voice for who likes the trendies..."(4/4)

ISSUE No. 5, Summer 2000

"What have we here? A black metal band? No!! A death metal band? No!! It's a fine blend of both, it's wandering in the most putrid places of both styles of metal. There are times where we are hearing brutal death guitar riffs with growling vocals, others where it's used grim vocals in the purest norwegian black metal style. One thing is for sure, Liber Spirituum has a very raw kind of music! Perhaps the production could be better, but this is a self realesed CD (the band calls it a mCD sometimes, but if all full-length albums out there has 29 minutes...) and perhaps the money wasn't enough, or the band wanted this way! There are good times in this CD, but for me the band needs to crete a little bit more interesting songs. What really amazed me at first was the good cover thas this CD has... but what counts is the music. Sometimes really nice covers are a disguise for crappy music, gladly this is not the case!!" (3,5/5)

February 2001 Vincent Eldefors

"Liber Spirituum is a band from Quito, the capital of Ecuador, playing a weird mix of black metal and doom metal with both painfully slow passages as well as faster ones. Of course there are the traditional screechy black metal vocals here and there but most of the vocals are among the darkest growling ones I have ever heard, close to the Evoken sound. Melody plays an important role in their music and they seem to be skilled musicians, handling their instruments well and deserves to be noticed by a label. Except for Brazilian bands this is the first band I´ve ever heard from South America and it is nice to see that even in Ecuador there are people ready to fight the authority of the Catholic Church. It is a pity that the production is rather poor (but extremely good for being self-produced in Ecuador!) since this is a band with a promising amount of talent and with the backing of a label I think they could do really well. Lyrically the band is very much inspired by Anton Szandor La Vey and his Satanic verses. Finally I want to say that the intro is a very beautiful one. The album was recorded in 40 hours at Pentagrama Studios at Summer Solstice 1999, produced by the band, engineered by Mono and Guillo, mastered at DDM Studios, New Jersey, USA. As I´ve already said this band deserves a better production, period." (Rating: 3.5/5)

HIMNOS RITUALES DE GUERRA Web Zine/Radioshow - Columbia
Edition 8 (February 2001)

"The raw South American sound is combined with the American Death brutality, the Greek Black Thickness, and some Nordic Black. It maintains the right doses, but Death Metal stands out. Production is very raw, giving power and darkness to the sound. Some songs display wickedly high levels of intensity. Zephyr is a maniac singer but he should explore the guttural side a little more. It would enhance the raw sound of the band. Liber Spirituum is another exotic band ready to deliver memorable extreme works. They just need to tighten their sound and get their influences straight. Keep an eye on this promising newcomer out of the Ecuatorian Underground scene, Which by the way, they totally hate. For more details check a short interview we have with the band. I almost forgot, the C.D. cover is excellent." (Himnos Rituales de Guerra  9.5/10)

ACERO Mag. - Ecuador
Issue No. 14, April 2000

"It's mandatory to congratulate those who challenging troubles and limitations very well known in our media, succed releasing an independent work with a very favorable act in its production. Although LIBER SPIRITUUM born "surprising" to the closeminded equatorian scene, we have to say that their members formerly appear in previous bands, as their both guitarrists from Fear; we say that because is unique the style that they show their in their rhythm and soloing. Labeled as how they say Black-Death Metal, their sound goes more to the second, with very heavy passages.
It´s not usual that our bands use english in their lyrics, but for L.S. is the way the follow. The CD got very interesting tracks like "Fuck you Christ" or "Another World", where blasphemy seems to rule. Despising some little failures in the mixing, the final product is very reliable and it will be for the liking of whose are always awaiting for a new domestic with international quality work." (8/10)

"What the fuck is that????.Pure blasphemy like old times.Wonderfull.!!!!..."
Silvio Novelletto Jr., D.J. from Radio Star Sul FM 102,9 MHZ, Sao Paulo - Brazil

"...Certainly "Frugativi" is crowded by disonant guitars of industrial measures, hiperaccelrated rhytms and pitiless unmercyful lyrics, not for newcomers in the scene..."
Locky Perez, from "Cuadrenos del Rock", Guayaquil-Ecuador, February 2000 Issue

"...What a cool band is yours!!! Total might and darkness! Like in 'Another World' track; occcult power!... "
Humberto Algarín Echavarría, from Oso Negro Recs, Bucaramanga-Columbia


Devilucifer Playlist:
1.- HYPOCRISY - Obsculum Obscenum
3.- SAMAEL - Ceremony of Opposites
4.- ANCIENT RITES - The Diabolical Serenades
5.- SANCTUM REGNUM - Damned Tomb
6.- ROTTING CHRIST - Thy might contract
7.- ACHERON - The rites of the black mass
8.- VARATHRON - His majesty at the swamp
9.- BELPHEGOR - Blutsabbath
10.- THOU ART LORD - Apollyon

Zephyr Playlist

Rhadhamanthuss Playlist
1.- MORTIIS - Crypt of the wizard
2.- THY SERPENT - Forests of witchery
3.- DEVIL DOLL - Dies Irae
4.- EMPEROR - Reverence
5.- DIMMU BORGIR - Stormblast
6.- BURZUM - Filosofem
7.- THERION - Vovim
8.- OLD MAN´s CHILD - Ill Natured spiritual...
9.- NECROMICON - Realm of Silence
10.- ROTTING CHRIST.- Thy Mighty Contract


Liber Spirituum "... Frugativi et appellativi" CD See the cover $10 U.S.; $12 World s./ 250.000 Ecuador Send cash, checks or IMO to: Chris Noboa P.O. Box 17-03-774 Quito-ECUADOR e-mail:
DISTRIBUTION WORLDWIDE: Purchase in the U.S. through FULL MOON PRODUCTIONS, Bloodsoaked Promotions, Black & Death Distribution, Battle Hymn Recs, Blackened Moon, Extremist Records, Metal Core Distro, Seething Records, Metal Warrant Germany: Laermbelaestigung Zine+Distro France: Eternal Fire Zine & Distro Italy: Ordo Oscuro Domini. Scotland & Great Britain:Golden Lake Prod. Greece: Total Holocaust Distro Russia: More Hate Productions Spain: Death to Mankind Recs., Repulse , Unholy Cross Distro Ecuador: Murmur Distro Colombia: Lixo+Sonido, Oso Negro Recs. Perú: Magistellus Infernal, YAWAR INTI PRODUCTIONS, Acido Chile: Espectro Argentina: Southern Hellish Prod. SouthAsia: Esoteric Art Australia: Digital Death, Bleed Recs. WE ARE LOOKING FOR DISTRIBUTORS. SO ASK FOR WHOLESALE PRICES!!! Also available T-shirts, long sleeves, posters, postcards, stickers. Ask for prices.


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"...Frugativi et appellativi" CD "...Frugativi et appellativi" Elhoim, Essaim, frugativi et appellativi, benite in me spiritus magicus, in mea anima in buet. Hymn to dark (Anthem of sacrilegious and herectic blasphemy) The first, the children of earth whose proud the hell adorn acclaim thee forever Lord and pour their blood for you. White gods saw and accepted their holocaulst and that blood was fertile germ to new heroes whose amazed the Land saw around it millions and millions arise. Salve Oh! Hell Thousand times Oh! Satan! Glory to thou! Glory to thou! And our breast and our heart brim over Joy and war, and our raging forhead more than sun shining dark... Fuck you Christ! (Ancient god of lying and betraying) Fuck you Christ! stop to steal the dreams of mankind Fuck you Christ! no more reasons and ways to die don´t you take my soul Fuck you Christ ! For centuries and centuries deniers and blasphemers will rule the kingdom over you fucked Christ! Erdap Ortseun (...and unholy motherfucker Mary) Erdap ortseun euq satse ne sol soleic odacifitnas ut erbmon agnev ut onier esagah ut datnulov ne al arreit omoc ne le oleic sonad yoh ortseun nap ed adac aid anordrep sartseun sasnefo omoc sortoson somanodrep a sol euq son nednefo on son sejed reac ne noicatnet y sonarbil led lam. Lucifer unsave you Motherfucker Mary empty of grace, cursed be wicked be your name. Unholy motherfucker of god Be proud for us sinners now and forevermore... Amen Another world (Unknown reign of power and blackness) Take me to another world I need to know more take me to another place I want to see an evil face. Take to a new dimension I want to seek for compensation Take me to the suicide I want to die in last mile Take me to the demon Seth I don´t want to living yet Take me to the black abyss I want to my poor life missed Take me to a new beyond I want to find my tomb Take me to Satan´s face I want to end my disgrace Take me to hell and heaven I want to make my choose Take me to god and devil I want to win and lose... The Law of Forbidden (Occult art of seduction and manipulation) In the dark side of human behavior rips the lid off the forbiddenn knowledge of seduction and manipulation empowers its followers with workable formulas breakthroughing in understanding human motivation. May seem bitchy to you, Test you the thirteen factors, know yourself and others, the real you and the demonic synthetizer, the attraction of opposites look means everything. Prophecy of cold reading raising the mark in ceremonial magic casting your spell... Of infinite and obscure Stellar majesty, lord on universe; owner of the universal knowledge from the immortal vital strength and inchangeable in the evident space. Thou represent the begining and the end of everything what exists and dwells, I beg thou print in me each one of your thinkings; the absoulte thruth of already created to get the power of unleash, my master and owner, who was daring to hell by a false god. Give me oh! Omnipotent being the christian god to see my dreams fullfilled, exterminate this unholy deity and my Lord will reign the heavens...


Muerto Devilucifer Zephyr
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Liber Spirituum P.O.Box: 17-03-774 Quito-ECUADOR SOTHAMERICA Liber Spirituum Managment 405 Grier Ave. Dept. C-4 Elizabeth, NJ 07202 USA e-mail: URL:


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