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Welcome to the Bootlegging A Mystery page. This page is dedicated to the collection of CD bootlegs of Sarah Mclachlan. I decided to create this site in order to let people know of all the bootlegs out there, as well as to find people who may have some stuff I don't. There are many other Sarah sites out there with great photos and other info, but I noticed there were very few sites with information about bootlegs. My main goal is to collect as many bootlegs as I have can to have a great sounding live recording of every song Sarah has ever performed live, is this to much to ask for? I have FTE, Surfacing and Solace covered, but I'm still looking for more material from Touch. Enough about my goals, the main reason I set this page up is to inform you, the Sarah fan, whether or not that Sarah boot your looking at is any good! So, in order to help you decide whether or not to buy that bootleg CD you see on ebay, I have reviewed each of the ones I own with sound quality being the major factor. Click on any of the above images and find out more about them. I'd like to use this section to comment on bootlegs that I've heard but don't own for one reason or another, so here goes. Be warned that there is a horrible Sarah bootleg CD floating around out there called The Sarah Mclachlan Collection. The disc is basically a bunch of tv appearances and the KROC Xmas concert from LA. I bought this disc for the KROC stuff which was obviously recorded off the radio with terrible results, so I sold it as soon as I could. The idiots who made this disc even miss titled Adia and called it Innocent! Update! I had a chance to listen to French Kisses the other day. I didn't buy it because half the disc is the 8 musique plus tracks from Border songs and the other half are the Lilith tracks from the pay-per-view special, so be warned! Anyway if you see any bootleg Sarah CD's that I haven't mentioned or don't own, be sure to Email me! Also, people email me all the time asking me where they can find Sarah boots, the best advice I can give is to check out EBAY. I have seen many out the boots I own on there for auction so check it out! Also, be sure to check out my MP3 of the rare Sarah song, Captive! I was honored to recieve this letter from Nettwerk which I must post.
Sorry I haven't updated this site in quite sometime, but I've been busy with my career and all. I moved out of state and got a new job so I've been busy with all that. Feel free to email me as I still keep up this site, I just haven't found any new boots in the store, Sarah needs to start touring again or something!


I have noticed fewer boots for sale on ebay, does this mean everyone is going to Napster instead?


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