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Well, right now I am not fighting until further notice. I will be back!! I will still be around as DMidnight Fairy, Deputy Midnight, andDHunter Midnight

Welcome everyone!! I signed up for the Site Fights on Halloween Night 1998! I was accepted into the DTigers on November 3rd! I won The Playground on November 21st. I qualified all 6 days!! I won The Chase on November 28th. Julia Land tied with me so we BOTH went to The Kill!! I won The Kill by 2 points on December 5th!! On December 9th I was approved to be a DFairy!!! Now I'm in The Warzone!!! December 11th.. I'm now D'Midnight Fairy !!! I got my training wings!! On December 12th I lost the Warzone to Spider.. oh well. I am now back in The Chase. I won The Chase on December 19th, we take a 2 week break for Christmas but on January 4th we start up again. I am now in The Kill until January 10th. Well, I lied... I am in the Kill until the 16th because I lost last week =/ Congratulations to Grace who will now go to the Warzone =]. HOPEFULLY I will be there next week, oh. Don't forget to go to The Dome and vote for Julia Land!!. I started again in The Warzone on January 18th. =< Julia Land lost last week. Wow!! I got my official Fairy Wings!! I lost the Warzone {for the second time}, and I am on hold because I'm so busy with school... I will be back soon!! I love the idea of having a spirit page and I hope you enjoy it... Please please PLEASE sign my Spirit Book! Thank You! -Eccentric

I gave my page a MEGA facelift... if you have been here before, this was a very large page. So, I broke it into sections that you may view with this pop-up

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Site Fight Newspaper

I have been Approved by DPatrol Deputy Kitty for The Site Fights - November 3, 1998

The DTigers Won 1st Place In The Site Fights DWall Contest!! My Site Has been safe Site approved by the Site Fights I Survived the DTigers Playground on November 21st 1998!! I Survived the DTigers Chase on November 28st 1998!! I Survived the DTigers Kill on December 5th 1998!!

DHead DHunter's Quality Site Award - November 14th 1998
Wow! An award already! Thank You DHunter Cazz!
Beautiful Place In Cyberspace Award - November 22nd 1998
D'SnowKitty's Pick Of The Day Award - December 2nd 1998
I Won D'SnowKitty's Pick Of The Day on December 2nd! Thank You D'SnowKitty!
Excellent Spirit Page Award - December 6th 1998
Thank You Lady DBlazin'!
Site Fight Spirit Award

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Eccentric gave me a Site Fight Spirit Stick for good luck!

Another "gift"
Are you REALLY tired of those stupid windows that pop up and get in the way? I look at A LOT of sites, and if your like me, you get like 4 of them open and it starts to slow you down. Awile ago I found this, its really easy to use and it closes them for you... No joke! Just download it here {off my server}. I haven't found any bugs in it or anything. Its a small file 37,000KB Took me less than a minute to d/l. I hope you like it!Click Here To Download

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