An extra cluster.
The 140 guage that Brett sent me.
Almost ready to install the guages.
This is the actual donor cluster from an 84 Scirocco.
This is my old 120 mph speedo.  I messed up the sticker.
Here are the connectors from the Scirocco wired into my Cabrio.
Here we are at mid-installation.  I'm surprised I found all the parts!!!
Right before I put them back into the car.
Here is the sheet that came in the mail.  Directions included.
Hard to see.  But this is at night w/the inst. lights on.
Ok, here we go.  I just had to replace my instrument cluster.  I messed up and tried to mate the cluster from an 87 Scirocco 16V to the flex board of my 86 Cabrio.  Big mistake.  Messed it all up.  Before I knew it, nothing worked.  So, I found a cluster in a junkyard from an 84 Scirocco 8V.  The wires matched right up!   (I even double checked in the wiring diagrams.)  I figured while I am doing this, I might as well get white faces for them, I mean why not?  Allready in there.  So I talked to Brett and he hooked me up.  He even sold me a 140 speedo for a real cheap price.  This whole thing was cheaper than you might think.  Check out his site!  So anyways.  Here are the pics of my project.  The instructions for doing this come with the new faces.  If I can do it, anyone can.  I did mess up my 120mph guage, though.  Any questions, email me.  Click on any pic to enlarge.
Man, this looks sweet!
Bad angle, but you get the idea.
22 Apr 2001 - I have finally gotten the time to do the 3 little guages in the center console!  This makes the interior look so sweet!  This must have added at least 10 hp and 2 or 3 miles on the top end!!  Just kidding.  I just like the cockpit to look nice.  Now it is time to start on the motor :) 
Instrument Cluster Swap
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