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Shannon's Spot

I am Shannon, a 23 year old female residing in Ontario, Canada. I have lived in a small city of approximately 32,000 almost my whole life and when I am not working, I often find myself with spare time on my hands. So, back in '98, I decided to do something productive with my time, and these pages are the product of that spare time :)

I thought that having my own little spot on the 'net would give me a chance to share some of my many passions in life and some of the things that make me laugh, turn my crank, and a few other things too :)

So, to find out more about the author of these pages just click the pull-down menu !

By the way... after you have checked out the place, I would love any suggestions or advice you have. I am always open to something new. So, feel free to drop me an e- mail.

Let the story begin...

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