Kids Downloads!!
Name Description
 Crayola Magic 3D Coloring Book demo  Try Crayola'a Magic 3D Coloring Book. You get one 3D image, 21 crayons, and a full set of textures!
 Aladdin - Find the Treasure  CoOl Game!!
 Amy -1-2-3  I Loved this game when I was Younger. A wonderful game for learning . a MuSt Get!!
 BoNgo MaNiA  A promotion for Disney's George of the Jungle.. Neat GaMe
 Catz Adoption Kit  CaTz.. I got this for Xmas this year and its Wonderful but here you can get a working demo of a cute pet..
 ChildS PlaY  Kids This is a MUST get program it Rocks! there is so musch to do with this paint program for kids and my mom plays with it also. =)
 You've Got Sole! Little Mermaid game  This game is so much fun to play with and I like the little mermaid to.
 Green Thumb  I liked this game alot !! but there is a bugg in there rather you will have to buy it after playing it a short time =(
 Seuss Hamulator  Cute Game of making Green eggs and ham haha
 King of the Sea game  Walt Disney's Little Mermaid game help King Triden fight off evils of the sea. AwSoMe GaMe
 Little Mermaid Screen Saver  A must get See Arial and the sea creatures screen saver. 
 MaTh ReScUe  This is an older game but a fun game that you have to go through a lot of levels fun and Blastfull!!
 Word ResCue  This the the other Appogee game a must get . You have to go through diffrent levels and its fun !!
 Magic Wardrobe Demo  Crayola's Magic wardrobe demo, I love it you can choose what clothes to put on your girl. Really nice graphics!!!
 New Downloads My mom helped me with =)

  Screen SaVers for Kids

    Free Books Online for kidz
  • 221b Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes   48 of the 60 stories are available Free!  This page is incredible. 
  • Val's Kids Books  FREE 1st name almanac for kids that gives the meaning, origin, personality traits of the name 
  • FREE Books  FREE e-books (to download to your computer and print out or read) Alice in Wonderful, Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz 

  • Jay Jay the Jet Plane FREE stickers, coloring book and Bedtime story to read online  

      More free things for kidz
  • Free Tamagotchi PC Cyber Pet Cure that sick alien creature, feed it, play with it, discipline it, clean up after it, and turn off the light when it sleeps! 
  • HP Pet Fish! The HP pet fish gains its unique personality from the way you treat it. If you feed it regularly and play with it, you will be the lucky owner of a fish with a happy disposition. A fish that is healthy and pleased to see you every morning. 
  • Global Petz '97 is a virtual pet that you can feed, take care of, play with, and watch it grow. 
  • "Cute Animated Cursors" FREE pointers - Check this sight out if you are tired of those arrow and hourglass pointers 
  • Life with Louie FREE videos and sounds 
  • Rocko's Modern Life FREE pictures and sounds from the show clips 
  • "The Rugrat Zone" FREE windows95 theme , great images 
  • "Cyberkids" Get a FREE Dracula font when you register for their FREE online magazine 
  • AAAHH!!! Real Monsters FREE pictures and sounds 
  • "Warners Brothers Animation" Animaniacs, Freakazoid, etc. FREE sound and Video clips, pictures and online coloring 
  • FREE Graphics of every Disney character imaginable Disney Clipart Collection 

  • "James and the Giant Peach" FREE audio and video clips, build your own bug game and coloring pages 

      Free Crafting sites for kids
  • Campbell's Park - Arts & Crafts  Telephone, terrarium, origami baby frog, goldfish bag, nature box and V8 shoes (small stilts!) these are really great crafts
  • Blue Bonnet Village Craft Network  FREE craft projects for kids 
  • Kids Stuff Recipes FREE recipes for bubble pipe mixture, coffee can ice cream, finger paint , Gak, slime, silly putty, play dough, apple volcanoes 
  • "Animaniacs" Activities and FREE downloads's and more 
  • Baking with M & M's   FREE Recipes for baking with m&m's ; Turtle cookies, giant cookie and many more 
  • Early Childhood Arts-n-Crafts  FREE projects make your own stickers, dream catcher, paper bag backpacks, sun catcher, clay beads and more 
  • "Imagica" FREE file to print and construct 3 paper cars with Adobe Acrobat(also has a link to download Adobe Acrobat for a FREE period) 
  • Aunt Annie's Craft Exchange

  • Over 250 pages of craft ideas and instructions  
    Crafts for Kids - Home Page Net links for exploring Arts & Crafts for Kids:  
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