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Early Photos of my Bronco
LAST ADDED: HooDoo's Big Mountain Biking Race

TrukPro (Hoodoo) and sleestakk (darkone) TrukPro News: I'm not planning on updating this site anytime soon. maybe but doubtful. It's up right now mainly as an archive of period in my life before I moved and moved on. if you need to get a hold of me, do so here.

I know I haven't kept up with this page but I have been so busy with work, riding and four-wheeling in New Mexico. I broke down and bought a snowboard but haven't used it that much. Most of my time is focused on finding new mountain biking trails and improving my riding abilities. My truck is still holding up nicely even though it gets beat around. I will add some more content soon. Thanks for stopping by.

This is me: Big outdoor action toys like trucks and motorcycles. I really love old Broncos, 4x4ing and off-roading, and also mountain biking. Don't forget killer tunes... industrial, metal, techno... whatever!

I am DJHooDoo and this is my page: My '76 Bronco (The HooDoo)... 4x4ing and off-roading... mountain biking and other crazy stuff... soon I'm gonna have a lot of photos up here of my Bronco and my mountain biking stuff (I won a race!)... I finally have the first photos I took of my Bronco up here. So check those out... The HooDoo has come a long way. I'll have more stuff up soon!

"Light a candle for the sinners... set the world on fire!"
...stay tooned and stay loose!

The Hoodoo back of The Hoodoo
Click to see my '76 Bronco

Photos of my Bronco when I first got her.
Racing Photos of my first mountain biking race!

E-mail me in New Mexico here.

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that offer great info on Early Broncos and Broncos parts.

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