Hi, This is John and Susan.

We are a young married couple from the Philadelphia Area. We have been married for 6 years now,and loving every minute of our life together! John was born and raised in the Philadelphia area; Susan has lived in more states! She was born in Buffalo, NY, lived in Connecticut for about 6 years, then moved to the Erie, PA area (for those of you familar with that area, she went to Maplewood High school in Guys Mills, PA!). After high school, we both decided to go to the same University - Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, PA. We met at our Freshman Orientation in July and corresponded via "snail mail" for the rest of the summer. By the time we arrived for the beginning of the semester, we had a VERY wonderful friendship growing! During college, Susan lived in such places as Winchester, Virginia, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Ocala, Florida while school wasn't in session.

After John graduated from Bloomsburg, he proposed to Susan and things have only gotten better since!

We enjoy spending time together, whether its sitting here on the computer or out having a good time. We also enjoy the company of good friends. Again, the activity doesn't much matter - from going to dinner, to watching a movie (either in or out), to sitting around playing games.

John has his own information page here, as does Susan, Megan and our latest addition Danny.

And don't forget Baxter's and Oliver.


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