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Here is the story for the Movie:

LOST IN SPACE : Based on the popular hit 1960's television series which has regained cult status in the United States, Lost in Space is an action-packed, special effects laden, science-fiction adventure about one family's extraordinary journey across time and space, in a desperate search for a new home for mankind. The Storyline Involves: 1.Explanation of each character before launch. 2.The Launch of the Jupiter 2. 3.Jupiter 2 adventure begins in space. 4.Jupiter 2 crash landing. 5.The Robinsons encounter time ripples. 6.The film ends with "To be continued." In Earth's 22nd century, the planet is on the verge of total collapse. We live in Domed cities as Earth's environment is in shambles, the world's population has exploded, and food is running out. Humanity's only hope for survival lies in the stars. The Robinsons are selected as the family to find a new world. The Robinson's mission is to fly the sleek Jupiter 2 spaceship through the cosmos to the distant star Alpha Centauri and prepare another planet for human colonization. Before them though, lie many other challenges: Professor John and Maureen Robinson's marriage is on shakey ground, with John's work requiring time away from home and a year of intensive training taking a toll on their already strained relationship. Daughter Judy is a beautiful young scientist whose studies have left her with no experience in the affairs of the heart. Penny is a rebellious teen, ambivalent about leaving home for the dark mysteries of space. Young Will, the Robinson's only son, is a shy and socially awkward ten-year-old, finding happiness in front of his computer, surfing the waves of cyberspace. The Robinson's journey will require ten years in frozen stasis travelling in hyperspace aboard the Jupiter 2 using a hyperdrive developed by Prof. Robinson himself. Accompanying the Robinsons will be an evironmental Robot, an eight foot mechanical Goliath who's purpose it is to do environmental exploration of the new world. Piloting the Jupiter 2 is Capt Don West, a recently demoted 22nd century top gun hot shot who is cold and aloof as to the prospect of the mission and apparently prefers not to be involved at all. Stowed below the deck of the Jupiter 2 is the evil Doctor Zachary Smith, who while sabotaging the mission is trapped on board during lift off and awakens crew from stasis to save his own miserable life. As a result of Dr. Smith's sabotage, the Jupiter 2 is thrown off course and finds its self in perilous danger. The crew is forced to make a hyper-space jump without the time or capability of computing a window to emerge from and thus find themselves.. lost in space. The Robinsons' battle giant hull-burrowing spider-like aliens, explore a relic alien ship in space, and crash land on an alien planet ravaged by time distortion waves. The Robinson family must pool their resources in order to survive to find Alpha Centauri before all hope for the Earth is lost! To debut April of '98
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