Stories of How We Got The Dogs We Have Now

Name Description Date of Birth Story
Tony the BaloneyMan Long Coat Chihuahua January 3, 1991 Tale of Tony
Carrie Boo Tea-cup Chihuahua August 5, 1991 Boo's News
ButtMunch Chihuahua 1992 Buzz on ButtMunch
Goofy Goo Poodle/Yorkie Mix June 3, 1993 Gaff on Goofy
DoodleMan Chihuahua July 4, 1993 Doodles Diatribe
Preston Foster Chihuahua July 17, 1996 Preston's Press
Bernard (Beenie) Chihuahua November 1996 Bernard's Book
MollyMoo Chihuahua/Beagle Mix January 1997 Molly's Mail
Rocky (Weiner) Silver Dappled Dachshund May 1997 Rocky's Road
Rosenblatt Golden Lab January 1998 Rosie's Rag
McGoo ?????? May 1998 McGoo's Miracle
BudBud Chihuahua May 1999 Buddy's Blurb
Not Up Yet
BeBe Baboso Peke Mix May 1999 BeBe's Book
Not Up Yet

All those listed in the box shown below (and many others)
are horrendous violent killers and they all started their brutality
by torturing animals. See full story here

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