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If you are like me (and most people are) you like money. Moreover, you like money for doing very little, if any, work. If so, this page is for you. I'm not going to bore you with any more of an introduction -- let's get down to brass tacks. Scroll down on this page to join the mailing list and see what programs and contests I am featuring this month. Otherwise, use the menu bar on the left to tell me just what you want to get paid for.


I don't expect you to come back to this page everyday to see if I have made updates. Actually, dammit, I do expect you to. But for those of you who absolutely refuse, I have created a mailing list. In return for signing up, you will get alerts when new, promising programs that I have all ready tried and tested are going to be added to the page. In addition, there is a monthly/bi-monthly newsletter summing up the news and goings-on in the get paid world. Benefit from my tireless hours in front of my computer -- sign up now.

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Possibly the best current program out there. 5 dollars to sign up, 3 dollars per referral, plus of course a chance to win a million bucks. But the 3 dollars per referral is what I am focusing on. The best current rates for referrals. Only catch is that you have to sign up for 2 free offers to get the referral bonuses, but that will help them last and it only took me a few minutes.


Porivo is a revolutionary concept that pays you NOT use your computer. They use the time you are connected to the internet and not using the computer to process data for other companies, and then they pay you for that time! Plus they pay $1.00 per active referral. The only thing is that you have to run the software for a couple days in order to be activated. A great program -- make $$ while you sleep!


Ahmoola is one of the highest paying email programs -- 10 cents per email!! With a great referral program as well, this is one of the best current email programs out there. Sends more emails than most programs as well!


Refrewards is one of the best new programs out there, done by the people at Refmaker. It is a paid portal AND a paid email program, and the rates are some of the best out there. Definitely sign up and start getting some referrals today. Make sure to join the email and the portal program to maximize your money!

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