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Hello, This page is mainly for news about new Hot Wheels. What's hot and what's not. Rumors and information about Hot Wheels will be listed as I get them. Soon, if I find pics on some of these, I will place them there. Please, send me any news, rumors, fact or fiction that you have. I will enter them into this page for all to see. All new entries are enter at the end of the list. My e-mail address is at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

1. Its been said that Hot Wheels had violated a copyright law regarding the Got Milk decal from the American Dairy Association.

2. Its been said that Mattel was going to recall the 98 First Edition Go Kart because it was so small, it could be a chocking hazard.

3. Hot Wheels is going to have a Final Run Edition. These are cars that they will produce only one more time. Sort of like retirement for these cars. One of them is the Stutz Blackhawk.

4. The new '50s Cruisers pack is out now. I have seen it being sold for about $20. It has a Scorchin' Scooter in it. If you are lucky, don't pay that much!! I found one in Roses for only $5.

5. Its been said that Mattel has lost the right to use Volkswagon on cars. Which would mean, NO MORE VW BUSES!!!!

6. The Tail Dragger is going to be in the Holiday Hot Wheels for 1999.

7. If you like Hot Rods then you need Target's Exclusive Street Rods collection. The four cars are 3-Window '34, Way 2 Fast, '32 Ford, and '32 Sedan Delivery. Complete with flames, cost about $15 at Targets everywhere.

8. The new Chuck E. Chesse car is out. The Street Roader. Its white and pretty cool looking.

9. The 1999 cars have now hit the pegs. If you are lucky, you can find them in any store.

10. If you like Scorchin' Scooters, then you will love the promos that White's Guide to Collecting has. You can order two scooters, each with a different color. One black and gold and the other blue and gold. When I get mine, I put you a pic.

11. There are some more Hot Wheels Collectibles coming out soon. I will have pics of these shortly. They will here next month.

12. Muscle Cars 1 and 2 are now out in Wal-Mart.

13. The Porsche Collectible is out and it costs $40 at Wal-Mart. WOW!!!

14. GET YOUR INTERNET BUS NOW, on the Hot Wheels Homepage. Go to my links and there it is. Its blue and black.

15. The 1:24 scale TWIN MILL is out. The Legends To Life, its cool.

16. There is a rumor that the '69 Camaro is not really a '69 Camaro. Instead it is a '68 Camaro, because of its grill design.

17. Some new Hot Wheels Collectibles are coming out. Like the Low Rider Magazine, Jaguar, Low Boyz, Fire Works, Baur's Beasts, Popular Hot Rodding and Reggie's Cars.

18. The 1999 Treasure Hunt Series T-Bird Stocker is planned to be a hard find.



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