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There are some special children

Who could use a prayer or two;

And since I really care for them,

I mention this to you.

There is a special web site

Where these children can be found.

Just follow my directions 

And have a look around.

Go sit at your computer,

Say a prayer, and clear your throat.

Then come and meet these little ones

Featured on HUGS and HOPE.

You may even need some tissue.

You see, some of these kids are "Gone,"

But to hear each special story,

Find hugsandhope.com!

written by Susan Richard, 

Mom to Rachel - one of our club kids, featured June 2001

God bless the little children

Who are too young to understand,

Who live each day with pain and fear

And IV's in their hands.

God bless the parents who must watch

In total agony

As their little children suffer. 

They pray, "Dear God, why not ME?"

God bless the siblings left at home

Who also fear and doubt.

'Cause mom and dad can't be with them,

They often feel left out.

God bless the doctor and the nurse

And bless the health care crew.

God, give the wisdom

That only comes from YOU.

God bless the world and help us see

That "different" is not bad,

And if we care for each other,

A blessed world we will have.

by Susan Richard

An encouraging word,
A kind smile on your face,
Can make someone's life,
A much brighter place.

Little steps can cover miles, 
Little acts of loving-kindness 
Give the world it's biggest smiles. 

Little words can soothe big troubles. 
Little hugs can dry big tears, 
Little candles light the darkness, 
Little memories last for years 

for Angela Nicole
our precious ANGEL
by Martha White


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