Welcome to Rukawa's Web Ring! This website is dedicated to the famous Japanese Comic and Animation called 'Slam Dunk', and one of its main characters, Rukawa Kaede. Come and join us if you are a fan and has a website regarding 'Slam Dunk' or Rukawa Kaede. You also can check out other fans' Slam Dunk or Rukawa Kaede's website!

I have wrote a few novels or fanfictions regarding the 'Slam Dunk' characters. I hope you will enjoy reading them. ^_^;;


My Rukawa's gallery consists of pictures done by the original author of 'Slam Dunk', Mr. Inoue Takehiko. Not only that, I also have placed some of the 'Slam Dunk' trading cards pictures I have.

I will always write my updates of this website in the forum. You also can ask me questions or give me comments about my homepage in the forum. Thank you. ^_^/


Wish to know more about who is the owner of this Rukawa's Web Ring and its website? Well...Her name is Rika Tan ^_^;;;

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visitors from 1st of January 2002.

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