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"They (Chicano/as, Mexicans, Etc.) have lived in the city (Los Angeles) for many years wearing the same clothes and speaking the same language as the other inhabitants, and they feel ashamed of their origin, yet no one would mistake them for North Americans... they act like persons who are wearing disguises, who are afraid of a stranger's look because it could strip them and leave them stark naked... His (her) disguise is a protection, but it also differentiates and isolates him (her); it both hides him (her) and points him (her) out."

Octavio Paz - The Labyrinth of Solitude


OK... So it took me longer to update this site than what I first envisioned.  It is a good thing that I don't make my money out of my web talents!

There are so many changes that have gone in my life that it would take me weeks (which means years in Mexican-time) to place on this site.  I have partially finished my bio page (nothing special and very simple), new pictures, and a whole new look (again, thanks to FPXP). 

I really want to thank you for revisiting (or if this is your first time) my site and do appreciate any comments/compliments/concerns.

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