The Odyssey Channel began showing "Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years", beginning 9/13/99. We are so glad they did! However, part of their agreement with Hallmark (or somebody) is that the show have a period of "rest", which is coming soon. If you get lonely for the show, come visit our SEASON ONE EPISODE GUIDE and OUTLAW YEARS EPISODE GUIDE to find out what makes these worth watching again and again.

We have also committed to do some serious updating and cleanup to this website. Please revisit pages that may have previously had broken links, etc., to see what's new. We are having some technical difficulties with getting pictures, but we hope to have these resolved in the next few weeks.

Watch OdysseyFor a show that was only on for two seasons, Lonesome Dove really gained quite a following. TheOdyssey Channel is the station that had the good sense to bring it back. Be sure and visit their website - if you're not sure if you have this channel, you can search there by zip code and find out for sure. They also have lots of good links.

OTHER FUN STUFF: While it's not as exciting as the return of our favorite show to tv, it's still fun. The webmistress made a trip to Amazon.com (see our search box above) and did reviews for Dead Man's Walk and Return to Lonesome Dove. Search their video section under "Lonesome Dove" if you want a closer look. FYI - the webmistress is the one who is SK5A@aol.com. While you're surfing Amazon, you may also want to check out Scott Bairstow's movie, Black Circle Boys, which has recently been released on video. We haven't seen it, but we hear it's probably not for family viewing. We DO hear that Scott's performance is great, which should come as no surprise to anyone.

Before you go, please note that now, more than ever, is the time to refresh your memory on Mosby and Frank (Eric McCormack and Chris Potter). Chris will be guest starring on Eric's show, Will and Grace, as Will's ex-boyfriend. Should be a hoot. Of course, some of us always knew that those two made a great team!

Scott Bairstow - Newt Call
Eric McCormack - Clay Mosby
Paul Johansson - Austin Peale
Bret Hart - Luther Root
Chris Potter - Frank ("A Man Everlasting")
David Cubitt - Robert Shelby
Episode Guide: The Series
Episode Guide: The Outlaw Years
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If we may go off topic for a moment, the Sikes Family's other "webworthy" entertainment is Austin Powers. Visit our tribute to Dr. Evil - no extra charge ;-)

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